Makeup inventory: September 2017


Hello and welcome to my September 2017 makeup inventory! 

My last inventory post was at the end of June (see here), and as promised, I'm back with my next quarterly update.

As always I'm a little nervous about whether my numbers have gone up or down, not because I've gone bonkers with makeup purchases (I haven't), but because I've been flooded with GWPs and sub box inclusions, plus my birthday was on 30 June so I received various gifts from friends/family and also Mecca/Sephora birthday gifts - and these weren't included in June's tally because I wrote that post before receiving them.

But enough preamble.

Let's see where we're at.

Base products


I had nine in my last update (three open full sizes, two open minis and four unopened back-ups), which is too many but at least I didn't have more than 90ml open: that was my other goal and I'd stuck to that.

Now, I have ten: four open full-sizes (one of which is almost finished), plus six unopened full-sized back-ups. Ach! 

Now to be fair, two of my primers were GWPs with skincare purchases, one was part of a Mecca birthday gift and the only ones I've purchased between June and now are two from The Ordinary because I was itching to try them and had a gift card to spend.

Still, there's work to do here. My ultimate goal is four or five. I like to have some that do different things, so I'll be working on panning the double-ups (eg, I don't need two illuminating primers or two pore-plugging ones: one of each will do).

Setting sprays

Late update I had one open and one unopened. I've finished one so I now have one.

Ok, so we're doing well here at least ; ). I don't feel the need to own different setting sprays - I just want something hydrating that works - so I'm happy to have only one.

Liquid illuminators

Last update I had three (one opened full size, one open mini and one unopened full size), and I've panned two so I've only got one full size left - which is almost finished so soon I'll have none.

My goal was two, but I'm reducing that goal to zero for now because I have two glowy primers and I can use those to mix in with my foundation - which is all I do with liquid illuminators anyway (I prefer powders for spot-highlighting) - and let's face it, I need to pan primers!

Liquid foundations

I had three open and two unopened (five). I've panned one, opened one and bought another, so we're still at five total.

My goal here is no more than three, but I've almost finished one and I'm halfway through another, so we're getting there.

Shade adjusting drops/foundation mixers

I had one (being whitening drops) and I needed more so I bought three Natio tinted moisturisers in the last Priceline sale, which I did because I needed a yellow mixer, a pale/neutral one and a deep/neutral one. 

Normally I use concealers for mixing, but I went with the tinted moisturisers because they only cost $11 AUD each on sale, plus they contain plenty of product and they were the right colours - so it was the most cost-effective way for me to buy mixers (which can be very expensive, and I burn through concealer mixers too quickly). 

So that's four mixers total. I'm ok with that for now because mixing is necessary for me (I must have a weird skintone; finding shade matches is a nightmare for me), but my goal here is three: I don't need two pale ones.

Powder foundations

I had one travel-size and I've panned it so I now have zero. 

Zero was my goal (I have dry skin and prefer liquids) so we're there.

BB/CC creams and tinted moisturisers

I had two and I've panned one, but I also bought one (that damn Priceline sale ; )) so I now have two

I'm happy with this category: lighter bases are my favourites so it's rather surprising that I only have two!


I had two and I've almost finished the one I'm panning so I bought the Tarte one that's always out of stock at Sephora: I 'had' to get it while I could ; )

So three correctors total. Let's aim for one, shall we?!


I had three and I've panned one so I've hit my goal of two. Happy days. 

Setting powders

I had one and I still have one. I personally don't need any more than that so I'm at my goal.

Finishing powders

I had one and I still have one. Happy with that.

Face palettes

I still have one (plus one unopened backup of the same limited-edition palette), which contains a finishing powder, a bronzer, two blushes and one highlight. 

So I have two total, meaning I'm at my goal.


Cream blushes

I had one and I panned it, so I've hit my goal of zero.

Cream eyeshadows/bases and primers

I had five, and I've since panned one dedicated primer and one liquid eyeshadow/base, but I also bought a Becca one that was heavily discounted in one of Sephora's sales, so I now have four.

These include two dedicated eye primers (one being a glitter glue) - plus an unopened one - and one cream shadow that I'm panning.

My ultimate goal is two.

Cream contours/highlighters

I had one cream contour duo and one creamy highlighter pencil (so two), and I've panned both so I've hit my goal of zero. Yay!

Powder products

This is my 'bad' section and I have more than anyone needs, but I won't be too hard on myself because I do get a lot of joy from these products and they all get plenty of use. That's my justification, anyway ; )

As always, note that these numbers don't include the products in my custom makeup palettes: I view those as 'palettes' and I'd rather count the pans in those separately because that makes it easier to see movement throughout the year (eg as I finish pans in my custom palettes and move my individual products into those) - and seeing movement is what keeps me motivated.


Previously I had eleven: five powder minis, one liquid mini and five full sizes. 

There's been some movement in this category because I've wound-up Pan that Palette 2017 and have now removed the empties from my custom palettes, and I've also re-pressed some half-finished powders into smaller pans so I could fit as much into my palettes as possible.

Here's how we're looking now: six full sizes (I panned one but oops I bought two), one powder mini and one liquid mini. Three of the powder minis have gone into my custom palette (so I now have four Benefit Hoola minis banged together in one palette), and the other Hoola mini (unopened) I'm gifting to a friend. Note that I didn't buy any of these minis. Long story ; )

So I now have eight bronzers, two being minis, and my goal is no more than six. I'm working on the minis as we speak so I might just get there by the end of the year.


I had twelve (one being a half size and one being a three-pan palette) and I still have twelve.

Yes that's too many, but blush is my weakness so this is one of those sorry-not-sorry situations. I do plan to de-pot my Becca blushes, so once there's more room in my custom palettes, I'll be able to do that.

It would be nice to have ten but I'm giving myself a pass in this category: surely we're all allowed one Achilles' heel...


I had six (including one half-size) and I now have seven because I couldn't resist Becca's Prismatic Amethyst, and even though I almost didn't buy it, I'm so glad I did: it's now one of my favourite highlighters and it's the only Becca one I own that doesn't emphasise texture on my cheeks.

My goal was no more than seven so we're good here : )


Eyeshadow palettes (small and large)

I had nine: one quad, three quints and five larger palettes. I still have nine so there's been no movement in this category.

I had planned to buy the ABH Subculture Palette but decided not to because I don't want something that's fiddly to work with (with a baby and a toddler, I don't have time for all that), so I guess it's a good thing in the end because I don't need more eyeshadow and my aim is to keep this number at around seven. Especially when you consider the amount of eyeshadow in my custom palettes...


I had two and I still have two: one brown and one black. The black was a GWP and I'd like to pan that because I prefer brown (it looks more natural on me), so my goal is to have one only.


I had three full-sizes (two being unopened). I now have two full-sizes (one unopened) and two unopened minis - all of which were GWPs.

So that's four mascaras. A couple too many for my liking but I only ever have one open at a time and I know I'll get through them because I toss them after three months - so this isn't a category that I'm worried about.

Brow products

I had two brow pencils - one from a sub box and one from a GWP pack - and I still have two (one open, one unopened). I don't need any more than that so I'm happy with this category, too.


Lip liners

I had one and I still have one. My goal is zero because I don't use lip liner and I never buy them: any lip liner I've ever owned has come from a sub box or as a GWP.


I had seventeen (five being unopened). I still have seventeen (four being unopened). 

Even though I've finished some, I've received some as GWPs and also bought a few in the Priceline sale. Twelve is my goal here.

Lip crayons

I had one and I still have one. Zero is my goal: I'm not a crayon kinda gal.

Lip balms

I had three (one being unopened) and I now have two (one being unopened). Even though I finished some, I received a couple as GWPs. 

Lip glosses

I had six (three being unopened) and I now have four (two being unopened). This means I've reached my goal for this category so I'm pleased about that.

Custom palettes

As always, the sting in the tail. 

I have four in total: two larger palettes and two smaller ones.

In my last inventory I had:

  • two bronzers (one being a mini)
  • three full-sized blushes 
  • seven full-sized highlighters (yikes)
  • fifty-seven eyeshadows

I now have:

  • three bronzers (NB: I'm counting my four Hoola minis as one full-size because I've put the pans together so they 'operate' as a full-size and contain a full-sized amount of product. That's fair, yes?!)
  • four blushes (one being a mini)
  • seven highlighters (yikes again)
  • fifty-one eyeshadows

As mentioned previously, my goal with this section is not so much to get the numbers down (I want my custom palettes to be full), but instead to keep finishing pans so I can continue to de-pot my individual powders and bring those into these palettes. I reach for my custom palettes daily and anything in them gets plenty of use. 

So I've done pretty well in this section because we can see there's been some movement.

The final tally

As with last time, I'm a bit nervous about this count because I'm worried that my numbers might have gone up!

So, including the individual pans in my custom palettes (but counting pre-made palettes as one item), I now have a total of 174 makeup items, which is a little down from the 182 I had previously. 

If I count the custom palettes as only four items and don't count the individual pans, I have 109 - a small reduction from the 113 I had in my last inventory. Not great, but at least we've gone done a little.

Again, my overall goal is no more than 100 items, plus whatever's in my custom palettes, so I'm getting there slowly. Mental note not to go crazy with Christmas releases...

That's all from me for now. I'll check back in at the end of 2017 and let you know where things are at. Wish me luck!

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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