Dazzshop Lasting Eyebrow Pencil - review and swatches


This eyebrow pencil came from Maslow & Co's Japanese box, which arrived back in April (was it so long ago?) and I've been using the pencil ever since. The Japanese edit is unboxed here if you're interested.

If I'd used it daily I would probably be through it by now, but I was using it perhaps twice a week until recently when I wound up Pan that Palette 2017 so I no longer felt the need to focus on my brow colour from that palette. Now, I'm using this pencil most days.

I must say, it's been nice to use a brow pencil again. While I'm happy to pan brown eyeshadows as brow colours, I personally feel that pencils give me a more natural look because they generally offer more control. 

My brows look better when I'm using a pencil, and if I didn't have so many brown eyeshadows, I would use a pencil forever - but soon enough I'll have to return to eyeshadow just to get through what I have, so I'm making the most of this pencil while it lasts.

Dazzshop claims/product details:
  • Creamy, easy to blend and long-lasting
  • Comes complete with a spoolie to help keep your brows groomed
  • Comb the hair for a natural boy-brow look
  • To use: use small, light upward strokes, beginning from the inside corner of your brow; as you reach the arch point, use downward light strokes; brush through with the brush to blend
  • RRP $29.95 AUD; received full size

I like that it comes with a spoolie and it's a pretty good spoolie, although note that mine fell out after I'd used about one-third of the pencil. I've been able to re-attach it, but I'm not sure how long it will stay attached.

If you're going to include a spoolie, I reckon it should be usable for as long as the pencil lasts. Perhaps I got a bad one.

There's the colour in direct sunlight:

And in natural light:


This is a good product and I've been enjoying it.

Worth noting, though, is that I haven't had a lot to do with brow pencils in my time - sure I've used them, but I haven't used a lot of them - so I can't compare this to products from some of the big-hitters on the brow market (eg Benefit and ABH) or tell you how this compares.

The reason why I haven't used many brow pencils is because I don't need to. My brows are thick, bushy and a nightmare to keep under control, so I have the opposite problem that many people have and I can't tell you whether this is a good product to use on very fine brows that need lots of help.

What I can tell you, however, is that this has been a pleasure to use. It's the perfect medium deep, cool brown colour that isn't too dark, so I can use it to fill in any gaps in my brows and make them look a little more polished - and I do like the effect it gives.

I start from the inside of each brow and use lighter strokes, then use heavier ones as I move towards the tails. After I've filled in any gaps, I brush through my brows with the spoolie and what I'm left with is natural brows that don't look too block-y or warm in colour. 

All too often I've received brow products from sub boxes that look downright orange, so I'm pleased to report that this isn't one of those.

The product applies and lasts well throughout the day, and I have no complaints about how it performs. Probably the only thing I don't like about it - aside from the fact that my spoolie dislodged itself early in the game - is that I need to sharpen it a lot. 

Once that point gets too blunt, I can't get thin/fine and natural strokes, so I have to keep the point pretty sharp and that means I'm burning through the product faster than I would like. I would prefer a twist-up arrangement with a very thin point, but that's just me.

Otherwise I don't have much to say about this product, other than that I like it and feel that it meets all its claims. I mightn't be a brow product 'guru', but I can say that this one does the job and I like the formula.


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