The big declutter 2017: declutter round #7


Hello and welcome to another declutter post for 2017.

I did one of these posts a few days ago for makeup (see here) and I'm back today to do a quick one for skincare.

Please note that I didn't buy any of these products for myself - they were all either given to me, were GWPs or came in sub boxes - and none of them will go to waste. They'll all either be included in Christmas presents to family and friends, or I'll donate them to people in need.

So without further ado...

NS-8 Leg Care Cream

Full review here. I received this in a Beautyheaven Beautorium haul a while ago and it showed up again in the next haul after that one. It's unfortunate that I received it twice because it didn't work for me and I've never received a double-up from Beautyheaven before, so boo that it happened to be this product.

I didn't like this because it wasn't hydrating enough for my dry skin (and it's meant to be super hydrating), plus it took some effort to rub in and I don't like products that create extra work. Plus it contains menthol and peppermint oil, and neither of those agree with my skin. I'm sure someone will be happy to try this but it's not for me.

OUiGLO Rich Collagen Face Mask

Three of these came in a recent Maslow & Co box (unboxed here) and they apparently contain a blend of collagen and fruit extracts to exfoliate gently and give you a dewy glow. Other ingredients include apricot, grapefruit and cucumber.

I threw them into one of my sample declutters (posts I do to make myself use up smaller stuff) and I said in that post that if I didn't like the first one, I would declutter the other two. Turns out I didn't like it so that's what I'm doing.

Unfortunately this might just be the worst sheet mask I've tried. It dried out my skin and my face felt so parched and papery after use, plus it looked older and more lined. The essence wasn't as rich as it normally is with sheet masks and there also seemed to be less of it than usual. 

I'll send these to someone who doesn't have dry skin: they might work better for other skin types.

Goodness Every Day Cream Cleanser and Every Morning Moisturiser

I've used both of these products before and enjoyed them both (see mini reviews here), so if I didn't already have mountains of skincare in backlog then I'd likely be keeping them - but since Christmas is around the corner and they make a good pair for gifting, I would rather pass them on for someone else to try.

The cleanser isn't great for makeup-removal, but I did really enjoy it as a morning cleanser and I think it's an excellent, budget option if you're after a cream cleanser that doesn't cost the earth. It worked well for my dry skin because it was hydrating and very gentle, and it left my skin feeling soft after use.

The moisturiser was my second-favourite product of the five I tried from Goodness: it was hydrating enough for my dry skin but it didn't coat my face or interfere with my makeup, so it was perfect for day-use. It was just a simple, fuss-free moisturiser that did the job and I recommend it.

Aspar Sweet Orange Lip Balm, Sweet Orange & Shea Hand Cream and Ultra Hydrating Face Moisturiser

These three came from my mum and they were included in a pack handed out on an international flight. I've used them before so I've decided not to keep them and instead send them to a better home. They make for good products to include in the handbag because they're so small, and I'm sure that someone will use them.

The lip balm I found to be too slippery for my tastes and it wasn't hydrating enough, so I ended up using my last one on my dry feet and it worked well for that purpose.

Both the hand cream and moisturiser also weren't hydrating enough for me - it's not that they were bad products, it's just that I need things with more punch - so when I used them last time, I remember getting through them by using them as body creams.

What I'll do with all of these products is pass them on to someone who has normal or oily skin, because I think they'll work well for someone who doesn't have dry skin.

In sum

That's all from me! I'm happy to be moving some more products out of my collection before the new year: I'd prefer to be starting 2018 with less stuff in my cupboards. Somehow 2017 has ended up being quite a big year for skincare and I have too many smaller samples like these, so it will be good to pass them along.

Hope all's well with you and that you manage to back a winner in the Melbourne Cup today!

Speak soon x

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