Project Dent 2017: Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder in Highlight 01


Hello and welcome to my next round of Project Dent for 2017. I have a feeling that I'll only be able to squeeze in one or possibly two products after this one - keeping in mind that I'm still denting my Kevyn Aucoin custom palette - because we're getting to the end of the year now and there's not much panning or denting that any of us can do between now and Christmas.

Still, I wanted to bring this product into Project Dent now because I'm considering panning it next year. And since Project Dent is my best 'feeder' for Project Pan, it was important for me to focus on it before Christmas.

Why am I considering panning this? For the simple reason that it's the least-used highlighter in my collection and I don't love it as much as everyone else seems to. Now before you cry 'foul' (because I know this highlighter is a lot of people's HG), let me explain. 

First, it's not the right colour for me. Everyone I've seen who raves about this, has a lighter complexion than I do. Sure, there will be exceptions to that rule (because there always are), but I think I'm a hair too dark for this product so it looks a little frosty and not quite right on my light/medium to medium skintone.

Second, it's an incredibly dry powder and I prefer my powders to be creamier. Sure, dryness doesn't always affect how powders perform, but in this case I feel it does: I own both this highlighter and one of Laura Mercier's bronzers (they're in the same range as this product), and they both look ok on my dry skin if I only use a little, but as soon as I try to build them, they look very dry on me and I don't like that. 

They look especially dry if I try to use them on the eyes, which I often do with highlighters and bronzers, so it's important to me that a formula suits both the face and eyes and I personally don't feel that this one does. If you don't have dry skin then you probably won't notice this aspect, but I definitely do.

Third, I don't like the clunky, dated and cheap-feeling packaging. Sure, it's the product that matters more than the packaging, but if I'm going to drop a decent chunk of money on something (these retail for $50 AUD at the moment, although from memory mine cost $42 each), then I want to enjoy the experience of using it. I want to pick up a heavy, well-made compact and feel that I'm using something luxurious.

I don't feel that with these. I feel as though I'm using something that should have cost less and I tend not to reach for my two Laura Mercier powders much because there's no ceremony attached to using them - at least, not for me.

Anyhoo. This is turning into a review, so I'll stop there.

Here's how my highlighter is looking as of today, 25 November 2017:

 And again, direct sunlight (I feel like it looks especially dry here):

 And indirect sunlight: 

So, you should be able to tell from the above shots that I've barely used this (because I haven't). It's been sitting in my collection for over a year now and I use it once a month, if that. And when I do use it, I use it because I feel like I should - not because I want to.

What I'm going to do over the next two weeks is use this daily and see if I can't at least flatten the surface a little. I might be able to do this because it's summer so I can use it on both the face and the body. And yes, I can use a little on the eyes, too - but not too much or I'll look wrinkly.

My aim over the denting period is not only to get some visible progress happening, but to also review the product and work out whether I'll be panning it next year. I don't plan to declutter it because I don't hate it and it's definitely usable - but at this point I don't plan to have it in my collection long-term so it's something I would like to finish.

Wish me luck!

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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