Becca Mineral Blush in Songbird - review and swatches


I recently introduced this blush to my Project Dent series (see here) and I'm back today to review it.

While I've owned Songbird for a couple of years now, it's somehow fallen through the 'review cracks' and I'm surprised it's taken me this long to finally write this post.

Mind you, it won't be a difficult post because I already know how I feel about the formula, and I have reviews up for the three other shades I own - so it will be nice to post on this one and finally close this review chapter down for good.

If you would like to see my reviews of the other shades:

While I love them all and the formula is consistent, I've used Wild Honey the most and it's my favourite shade of the four.

At some point I would like to do a swatches-only post of these so you can see the differences between them, but that will go down on my list for another day. So many posts to write, so little time.

Becca claims/product details:
  • For a peach pink colour for your cheeks, you can't go past Becca Songbird
  • Offers a radiant glow
  • Contains the following antioxidants to provide smooth, glowing cheeks: vitamin e to repair your skin; vitamin c to brighten your skin; vitamin a to soothe your skin
  • Free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, oil and talc 
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • RRP $52 AUD for 6g, but do shop around (from memory I got mine for just over $30 AUD each)

One thing to note about these blushes is that the formula is quite soft. It's not so soft that it crumbles apart, but you will get some kickback with these - not matter how careful you are with your brush - so that's something to be aware of.

While I personally love a softer formula because it feels more luxe to me and it can also be the difference between a blush that blends well and one that doesn't, I know that some people have issues with how soft these are so do keep that in mind.

Also note that I wouldn't call Songbird a 'peachy pink', so I'm not sure why Becca has described it that way. It's an orange terracotta with some super fine golden shimmer running through it, and I wouldn't call it either peach or pink. I'm not the first person to have said this, nor will I be the last.

A quick comment on the gold shimmer: it's so fine that you almost can't see it in a swatch and I definitely don't notice it on my cheeks, and I'm someone who doesn't like flecks of glitter in my products so if I'm ok with it, then I suspect that most people will be. 

The effect of the gold is that it lifts the cheeks very slightly and gives you an ethereal glow that could almost, almost be natural - so it's not like that Nars shimmer that's chunky and makes my cheeks look like they're wearing reflective gold helmets. The shimmer in this is much more subtle and refined.

There's a shot of the pan above in direct sunlight.

And there it is below in indirect sunlight.

You can just see some tiny bits of gold shimmer in both shots, but you'll see that it's not very noticeable.

There's a heavy and a light swatch in indirect sunlight:

 Direct sunlight: 

And in natural light (outdoors):


I love all four of my Becca blushes, and indeed they used to be my HGs - it's just that I later discovered Hourglass and Marc Jacobs blushes, so these Becca ones don't get used as much as they once did.

It's not that I no longer like the formula - I absolutely do - it's just that Hourglass blushes in particular do something extra special for my face (they diffuse light and blur texture: bloody unicorn tears, that stuff), so I tend to reach for those a lot more these days.

The consistency of each Beca blush I own is smooth and creamy, and they apply and wear well. I've never wound up with patchy, clown cheeks when I've worn any of them, which is a huge plus for me because I don't have time to spend ages working on my makeup every day. These also don't fade as quickly as some other blushes, so I don't need to touch-up throughout the day.

Also, if I've ever gone in too hard with any of my Becca blushes, I've thankfully been able to blend it out and diffuse it so I don't look overdone. I can't say that for all the blushes I own, so that's a plus too.

Songbird is a gorgeous orange terracotta that can be worn as more of a nude blush (if you only apply a tiny bit) or built up if you're after something more bright. While I don't often wear a strong blush, I occasionally do with a shade like this because it looks so nice and sunny in the warmer months. I like that you can wear it softly or strongly and almost get a completely different blush: this makes it more versatile and I should really wear it more often than I do.

There's a beautiful luminosity to Songbird that means you never have specks of glitter on your face: what you have instead is the smallest amount of sheen that lifts the face and looks natural, and it's not so much that you can't wear highlighter if you want to.

While I've been denting it over the last week, I've also discovered that it makes a great colour for the eyes. Yes you can say that of so many blushes, but there's something about the tone of this one that just works: it's warm without taking me into allergic reaction territory, and it's nice if you build it on the lid for a pop of colour, but I especially like running it through the crease to warm up an eye look that's missing that something extra. 

All in all, I love this blush and the only bad thing about it is the price, although you can usually find Becca blushes heavily discounted at one of the online retailers so all is not lost.


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