Project Dent 2018: Too Faced Natural Matte Eyeshadow Collection #4


I'd had my Becca split pan lined up for my next round of Project Dent, but given that the weather has been so bad lately that I haven't been able to take any photos, I've decided to resort to a product that's already been photographed. Fair enough I say...

Plus it's my birthday, and I'm allowed to go for the easy posts that don't require any photo-editing etc today, yes?!

As you may know, this eyeshadow palette is down to be panned next year via Pan that Palette, and I promised myself that I would dent it a good few times this year in order to give myself a head start.

I last dented it at the beginning of April, and the reason why I've decided to dent it again now is simple: one, I've already photographed the pan via my last round of Project Dent and I haven't used it since then because I've been too busy panning other things; and two, we have a few events coming up in the next couple of weeks so this is a good palette to focus on now because I've never done a dud look with it and it goes with everything.

Here's how it's looking today, 30 June 2018 (happy birthday to me):

Same shot, enhanced:

My aim over the next two weeks is to focus on the five shades that aren't showing pan yet and attempt to get some pan happening in two of them. I'd say that Chocolate Cookie and Cashmere Bunny are the most likely to go next, with Strapless coming in a close third.

After that I'll put it aside for another couple of months before bringing it in once more in 2017 to give myself another little push before Pan that Palette 2018. Yes I've already got good progress on this, but Too Faced mattes are (mostly) very tightly packed so it's not going to be easy to finish it in one year, even starting from a good position.

Looking forward! I always enjoy panning this palette so it seems like a good birthday present to myself to bring it in again now.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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