Original Source Shower Gel, Mango - review


I must have walked past these shower gels in the supermarket and chemist over one hundred times before finally deciding to try one. I don't know why I didn't previously: perhaps it was just that I had some shower gels in back-log and didn't want to buy any more until I saw a good special.

Eventually I did see a good special, and I bought one of these last time Priceline had a big sale. I'm so glad I did: it's one of the nicest shower gels I've tried in a while and although it won't beat something as luxurious as my Rituals shower gels, it certainly fills a gap because I can walk into the supermarket and buy one.

There's a lot to be said for that.

Original Source claims/product details:

  • We've specially selected six natural and fruit oils for our 100% natural fragrance 
  • This is one lusciously juicy shower that you won't want to step out of
  • Here at Original Source, we are proud to carry the Vegan trade mark on our bottles
  • We do not test on animals; nor do we have any testing conducted by 3rd parties on our behalf
  • Plus each Original Source product contains no animal ingredients
  • RRP $3.99 AUD for 250ml, but do shop around

I didn't know anything about Original Source as a brand before buying this shower gel so I've had a quick look on its website.

I'm pleased to see it's a brand that shares my concerns about the environment and animal testing, and I'm also pleased to see that it makes shower milks and hand washes (I'd only seen these shower gels before now).

Let's hope it continues to expand its range.


I really like this product and I'm enjoying using it.

It's a thick, orange gel that has a slightly weird texture - it's so thick that it's almost gluey. While that doesn't sound nice, what the texture means in practice is that you can easily control how much you pour out of the bottle (and also how well it stays on your shower pouf), much better than you can other shower gels. Tick.

It smells wonderful - rich and juicy with mango, in a fresh and 'real' kind of way - and I look forward to using it every evening for the smell alone. Indeed, if the other fragrances are as nice as this one, then I can't wait to try the rest of the range.

A huge positive to note with this gel is that it doesn't strip the skin and my pH strips tell me that it sits at around a six, so it's more gentle than some of the other shower gels I've tried lately. This is great and it's not that easy to find shower gels with lower pHs, or at least in my experience.

And while it lathers a lot and it does contain the potentially irritating Sodium Laureth Sulphate, it's nowhere near as astringent as other shower gels I've used and my dry skin likes it so I'd be happy to buy it again (I get more concerned about SLS and its derivatives when it comes to my face: my poor body can just deal with it ; )).

Overall this is a lovely product and I recommend it. It's cheap, it's readily available, it smells gorgeous and it lathers and cleans well, plus it comes from a brand that's sustainable, cruelty-free and vegan. Can't beat that.

A great little product.

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