Pan that Palette 2018: June update


Hello and welcome to another update for Pan that Palette!

It hasn't been a bad panning month for me so far, and I've already finished a few things via Project Pan - plus some of the shadows in this challenge are starting to look as though they're on the way out.

Let's get straight into it.

First up, my Burberry quad. 

I'm sick of this thing and I don't really want to pan it anymore, but I will keep going because all I'm using it for these days is my brows (I'm not going to pan the pink shade), which means that it's no huge loss to me if I keep sticking at it because who really cares what you're using on your brows, so long as it works.

There's how it looked last month:

And here's how we're looking now:

So I've finally finished the palest shadow and I'm about halfway through the green and the brown. They look fine when mixed together for my brows (because the green is a cool, muddy grey in practice), and while previously I wasn't getting through them quickly enough that way, they've now softened up a bit so I think I'll get there by Christmas without much issue.

The pink shade I'll eventually re-press into another pan so I can add it to one of my custom palettes, but for now I'll just leave it here for occasional use.

Next, my Hourglass blush palette.

You may remember that I finished off one of the shades last month (huzzah!) so I'm down to two pans now and things are starting to get a bit easier.

There's how it looked last month:

And this month:

As you can see, I'm definitely getting somewhere. If you're wondering how I'm panning Luminous Flush (left) so quickly, I'm mixing some with my setting powder every day - not enough to turn my face pink of course, but enough to brighten my skin just a little. I'm also incorporating it in my eyeshadow looks and mixing it with the highlighter I'm panning to warm the latter up because it's too frosty on me by itself.

Incandescent Electra (right) is my favourite blush of all time and that's likely why it will be the last man standing: I'm only using it as a blush at the moment, and blushes take forever to pan so even this small amount is hanging in there.

Last up, my custom palette. This has changed around a lot throughout the year as I've finished things and replaced them, but at the moment it's looking pretty full.

Here's how it looked last month:

And now:

So I managed to clear-out four pans this month. Huzzah!

As always, let's work in sections.

Left side, last month: 

And now:

So I've completely finished two of the shimmers, which isn't surprising because I didn't have much left of those and they'd been re-pressed so they were quite soft and powdery, making them easier to get through.

Two of those shimmers on the left are also on the way out and there wasn't much in the pans to start with (I made them from loose Marsk powders) so I expect those to be done next month.

Otherwise there's not a huge amount of movement on this side of the palette but we may see more next month, now that I've cleared out a few shades.

Right upper side of the palette, as it was last month:

And this month:

So I've finally cleared-out that Stila orange and made some progress in the purple next to it.

I can also see some slight progress in the two Nars pans and the Burberry ones, but again, I expect that progress to be more obvious going forward - now that I've cleared out some other shades.

Last up, the right lower side of the palette. 

Last month:

And this month:

So I've finally finished Rose Gold from Ardency Inn and I've made more progress in Disco, but otherwise I've barely touched this section of the palette.

Part of the reason for this is that I've been too busy focusing on eyeshadows via Project Dent, but of course I'm a little bored of this palette at the moment so I've needed some time off it before hitting it hard again - as I hope to do now that we're heading into the second half of the panning year.

In sum

It's been an ok month for me in terms of progress and I'm really looking forward to moving more shadows out of my collection, just as I'm looking forward to counting up what I have left because I'll be doing my June makeup inventory post very soon (perhaps even today, if I have time).

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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