Perricone MD Pre:Empt Series, Brightening Eye Cream - review


As you may know, I opened skincare kits from Skyn Iceland and Perricone MD a while ago, and I've spent the last two months testing everything and reviewing it in turn.

Next up is this eye cream, which I've been using every day for over six weeks now so it's high time I reviewed it.

Long story short, it's ok for day use but it's not hydrating enough for me personally and I'm also not sure that it's worth the $94 AUD outlay because it's not that good. Having said this, it's had some rave reviews online so maybe that's just me.

Perricone MD claims/product details:

  • Perk up your under-eye area with this brightening, de-puffing eye cream for an instantly youthful, fresh-faced look
  • Ideal for those seeking to address the first signs of ageing around the eye area, this eye cream targets fine lines, dark circles, puffiness and dryness
  • Formulated with Dr Perricone's Nrf2 Antioxidant Support Complex™ to support protection against free-radicals, gentle avocado oil to condition, encapsulated caffeine to reduce puffiness, peptides to soften fine lines and DMAE to firm, lift and tighten
  • Infused with light-reflecting pearls to brighten and illuminate, granting a youthful glow
  • To use: apply to the eye contour in a delicate patting motion; use morning and evening
  • RRP $94 AUD for 14ml


This eye cream is ok but it's expensive and it doesn't suit my personal needs so it's not one I would buy.

It's a lightweight cream that's more of a hybrid gel/cream in texture so it should suit those who don't like heavy eye creams or who want something very light for day use.

I did start using this morning and night when I first opened it, but soon found that my eyes weren't feeling comfortable enough (I have dry skin) so after a couple of weeks I decided to use it only in the morning and opt for something richer at night.

One thing to note about this product is that a little goes a very long way, so while I would normally apply a grain of rice per eye, with this I can only apply one grain for both eyes: otherwise I have excess product that won't absorb. 

While this sounds like a good thing in theory because the cream will last you longer, in practice all I think this confirms is that it isn't sinking in properly and hydrating my skin. Indeed, while I do notice surface effects when I use this (more on that in a sec), my skin always feels dry underneath the product and it does have a tacky finish so I don't personally feel that it's penetrating and doing its job.

On that, I'm not surprised to see glycerin as the sixth-listed ingredient, which would explain the tacky finish and also why it's not absorbing well but instead leaving a film on the skin.

As for effects, I do think it's a little brightening and it also has a slight firming effect, but considering that they've put light-reflecting pearls and glycerin in the formula to achieve those things, I wouldn't get too excited about what it's doing for you long-term. You could find a budget eye cream that contains those ingredients and save your hard-earned money.

On the claims: yes it's a little brightening but no it doesn't de-puff my eye area; no it definitely doesn't target fine lines, dark circles, puffiness or dryness; and yes it does firm a bit but that's really a 'surface' benefit and it's not doing anything cumulative over time - at least for me.

Overall I think this is an ok product that should suit those who want something light for morning use, but it's not a good eye cream and it doesn't absorb well on me, nor does it hydrate my dry skin enough to keep it feeling comfortable so I can't use it alone.

Ok but not for me.

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