Project Dent 2018 update: Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette in Exposure


Hello and welcome to another Project Dent update post.

I've now been using this eyeshadow palette every day for exactly two weeks, and it's time to show you how much progress I've made over that short period.

But first, some housekeeping. Please note that although I've photographed swatches of this palette, I've decided to hold off on reviewing it for the moment.

Reason being, I would like to compare it to the first one I bought (Monochrome), and since I plan to dent that next, what I'll do is play around with that for two weeks and occasionally try it alongside both Exposure and Obscura, the aim being to see how the palettes compare to each other.

After that I'll post separate reviews of both Exposure and Obscura; even though they've recently been discontinued, you can still find them from various retailers so those reviews may yet be useful to someone.

Here's how my palette looked two weeks ago, when I introduced it to Project Dent:

And here's how it's looking now, after two weeks' daily use:

Below I've enhanced the above two shots for clarity.

Two weeks ago:


While it's not easy to see progress, I can definitely see surface changes in all five shades.

The pearl has been worn down and smoothed out a little, as has the deep purple beside it. 

I've also managed to do some damage to the ridges in the bronze shimmer across the middle, and there's an entire ridge in the blackened violet beside it that's now gone. 

You should also be able to see a significant flattening of the lavender shade on the far right.

Overall it's been a reasonable round of Project Dent, and if nothing else, I'm pleased that I've managed to give this palette some solid use.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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