Palmolive Body Butter Coconut Scrub Exfoliating Body Wash - review


You may remember that I tried the coffee version of this product a while ago and absolutely loved it (I've reviewed it here), so I made sure to pick up a different fragrance when Priceline had a sale.

While I do think this coconut version is the same as the coffee scrub in terms of formula, the scent of this one hasn't blown me away like the coffee one did and I wouldn't try it again. Still, I do enjoy it and I'm also looking forward to trying the vanilla fragrance, which is next on my list!

Palmolive claims/product details:

  • Gently exfoliates to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth
  • Awaken your skin and delight your senses with this sweet and delicious coconut scrub aroma
  • Rich formula transforms into an ultra-creamy lather that gently exfoliates with natural apricot seeds, to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth
  • Store away from direct sunlight
  • RRP $6.79 AUD for 400ml, but do shop around


This is a lovely product and I'm enjoying using it, and I can't wait to try the other fragrances.

It's a creamy gel wash that contains little exfoliating grains. Do note that the grains don't do anything because they're so small and too sparse, so I wouldn't buy this if you want a good exfoliant: this won't do it.

Do note that I was expecting this coconut version to smell as amazing as the coffee scrub, which smells unbelievably divine. It smells like coffee cream, coffee ice cream or Baileys Irish Cream (the drink). Every time I smell it, I want to eat it. 

Sadly, this coconut version isn't the same. It does smell nice, but the scent isn't as strong so I barely notice it when I'm using it and can only really smell it when I sniff the bottle. It also doesn't have that fresh gorgeous coconut fragrance I was expecting, and instead smells like a cream product with a dash of coconut that doesn't really add to the experience of using it. Sad face ; )

As for what it does, minus the rubbish exfoliation, it makes a nice body wash. While it doesn't foam super well so I need to put more on my shower puff than I would with another product, it feels creamy and hydrating on the skin and it doesn't strip it or dry me out the way other body washes can do.

Indeed, I've tested the pH and it comes in at somewhere between a five and a six, so it's not too astringent and it certainly feels gentle on my skin, plus it leaves my body feeling soft and hydrated after use. Yes it contains sodium laureth sulphate as the second listed ingredient (SLS' sister, otherwise known as SLES, which is meant to be a little less irritating on the skin), but I've found that this product leaves my body feeling clean, nourished and balanced, which is exactly what my dry skin needs.

Overall I think this is a lovely product because it cleans well and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated, and while I wouldn't buy it as an exfoliant because it's rubbish, it's a really nice body wash and I can't wait to try more fragrances from the range. I wouldn't buy this scent again, though, and I'm hoping that the other available scents are more like the coffee version.

Still, it's worth trying.

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