Korres Bergamot Pear Body Milk - review


As you may know, I've been working to get through some of the larger samples in my collection in an effort to reduce the amount of stuff in my cupboards before we hit the new year.

I've been doing ok with that, although there's certainly more work to be done, and I'm looking forward to reducing the number of tubes in the bathroom as the days pass: I have too many items to choose from these days and it's all a bit overwhelming.

Anyhoo. This body milk. It's fine but I wouldn't rush out and buy it because it hasn't struck me and it's not quite nourishing enough for my dry skin. More on that below.

Korres claims/product details:

  • Lavish the entire body in this hydrating milk that imparts the delightful scent of bergamot and pear
  • For soft, smooth and supple skin
  • Infused with anti-inflammatory, line-softening almond oil and nourishing shea butter 
  • Deeply hydrates even the driest of skins
  • RRP $3 AUD for 40ml or $24 AUD for 200ml


This product is ok and I'm enjoying using it, it's just not that effective so I wouldn't go out and buy the full size.

It's a white cream that's on the thin side, and I can see why they've called it a milk - although to be honest I reckon it's more like a lotion in texture. It spreads and applies well, and I don't need to use too much per application so I'm not getting through it too quickly.

I love the scent of this product and I can definitely smell the bergamot and pear, and it's a scent that lingers gently on the skin so it should suit those who like their body products to smell good.

One thing to note, though, is that it has a very sticky finish: indeed, it's one of the tackiest finishes I've encountered in a while. This doesn't bother me too much because I get dressed and go to bed after I've applied it anyway, but I know it will bother some so I wanted to mention it.

The other thing to note is that it's not the most hydrating cream I've used. Yes it's fine for my dry skin in the warmer months, but I can see myself struggling with it during winter when I need better hydration. I suspect that not all of it is absorbing (hence the tacky finish), which means that it's not getting in there and delivering nourishment where I need it most.

Overall this cream is fine and I'm happy to use the sample, but it hasn't grabbed me in any particular way and the best thing about it is the scent. As a body cream it's just ok, and it doesn't do enough for my dry skin.


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