Project Dent 2018: Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Bronzer in Saddle


Hello and welcome to another round of Project Dent!

As you may know, I'm currently denting a Marc Jacobs bronzer, but it's time to wind-up that round and focus on something else - so I thought I'd introduce my next product now.

Yep, another bronzer. Why? Because I'm planning to pan a couple of bronzers next year, so I need to rotate through my other bronzers before then and ensure that all of them see some good use before I start Project Pan 2019.

I bought three bronzers recently because I panned four this year, and while that's one more than I'd planned on buying, two of those were limited edition and I didn't want to miss an opportunity to get my hands on them.

This one I bought when my spending ban lifted in June this year, and would you believe, I haven't stuck a brush into it yet. What's wrong with me?! Can't wait.

I bought this ABH bronzer not only because I'd heard good things about the formula, but also because this particular shade in Saddle really called my name.

It has that deep golden undertone that I've been searching for since I finished my old Stila Sun Bronzer in Dark (now discontinued), and it's a colour that's been missing from my collection until I got my hands on this one. Let's hope the shade is close enough to what I want (it certainly looks that way in swatches).

There's the pan, direct sunlight:

Enhanced for clarity:

Indirect sunlight:

Enhanced for clarity:

As you can see, I've haven't stuck a brush into this thing yet. I can't wait to!

It looks like exactly the shade I've been seeking for the past couple of years now, and if it is, then my search for a deeper matte bronzer with a golden undertone is over.

My aim over the next fortnight will be to use this product every day and hopefully make some visible progress on the surface. I also hope to review it during that time, so stay tuned for that if you're interested.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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