Blessed by Nature Hydrating Mist Toner - review


This toner came in a Priceline bag and I was happy to receive it because I'd almost run out of my face spray so I needed a replacement.

The product is designed to be a toner (so you use it after cleansing) but it comes in a spray bottle so you can also use it to hydrate and refresh your face throughout the day. I've used it both ways and I do like it for both purposes, although it can sometimes irritate my neck when used as a spray so I need to be careful of how often I apply it.

Blessed by Nature claims/product details:

  • With witch hazel, rose water, calendula, sweet orange and green tea
  • This refreshing toner soothes, tones and refines your skin
  • Removes impurities and closes pores
  • Can help reduce skin blemishes and bacterial growth, making it the perfect natural step in improving the skin's look and feel
  • Created with pure ingredients 
  • Absorbs excess skin oils on combination and oily skin areas, leaving skin clean and refreshed
  • Non drying and non irritating for healthy skin
  • RRP $12.95 AUD for 200ml, but do shop around


This is a good product and I recommend it, especially because it's reasonably priced and you can buy it even more cheaply if you wait for specials. On top of this, you get 200ml of toner in the bottle so it lasts a while and that makes it even better value.

It's a standard fluid toner that comes in a bottle with a pump. Fortunately the mist itself is relatively fine so it doesn't leave huge droplets on my face, and while it's not quite as fine as other sprays I've used, it's fine enough and it has never upset my makeup.

As mentioned above, I've tried this product both as a toner after cleansing and also as a facial mist for hydration throughout the day. Happily it works well for both purposes, though if I had to choose, I think it probably stands out more as a toner after cleansing.

What I'll do is spray a good amount on a cotton round after I've washed my face and the round always comes away dirty after use, plus my face feels very clean and toned when I'm done. On that, while I do think this product would be better-suited to oily/combination or even normal skin types because it does feel a tad astringent, my skin is dry and I've been able to handle it well-enough - even in winter when my skin is at its driest.

As a facial mist I'll spray this a few times each day over makeup to hydrate my face, refresh it, and also get rid of any powdery look that my makeup has left behind. While it does work ok for this, it's not the most hydrating mist I've used so I'd be more inclined to recommend this as a toner - it's just that I'm low on facial mists at the moment so it's made more sense for me to use it that way.

On the claims: yes this soothes, tones and refines the skin; yes I do feel that it removes impurities and closes pores slightly (believe it or not); yes I agree that it's (mostly) non drying and non irritating; yes it leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed; and yes I do feel that my skin has been clearer while I've been using the product - so less blemishes, especially along my chin.

Overall I think this is a good little product that's reasonably priced and I recommend it. It works and you get plenty of it, and I think it does a great job of cleaning, toning and refining the skin.


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