Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation in Y305 - review and swatches


I've been using this foundation for over six months now and while I do like it, it's my least-favourite of the three foundations I currently own so that's why it's on my Project Pan list.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing particularly bad about it - and there's a reason why you'll constantly see it showing up on people's favourites list - but it doesn't blur texture like my other two foundations do, so that's why I won't mind getting through it and trying something else.

MUFE claims/product details:

  • Developed specifically for the TV industry's most advanced technology, this foundation creates a naturally flawless complexion in and out of the spotlight
  • Invisible under the latest, super-focused 4k lens, this revolutionary foundation features coated pigments that provide medium to buildable coverage with a lightweight, second-skin texture
  • The formula leaves your complexion with the same flawless results that you’d achieve with a flat foundation brush in a tap and stretch motion
  • RRP $67 AUD for 30ml, but do shop around

I guess the thing to remember with this foundation is that it's been designed for TV and it's meant to be undetectable on the skin (and I do think that's true), so that's probably why it doesn't have an airbrushing effect. Because the moment a product airbrushes the face, that's when it can start to look less like skin and more like product.

Still, my HG for day-use (Koh Gen Do's Aqua Foundation) and my HG for night-use (Kevyn Aucoin's The Etherealist) both look very natural on the skin but still minimise texture a little, which is one of the reasons why I prefer both of those over this one.

I like that the product comes with a pump (see above) and also like that it comes in a lightweight plastic bottle that has two layers of plastic so it insulates the contents from heat - meaning it's likely to last you longer.

Now for swatches. The shade I have is Y305 and it's a good match for me, although it's my summer colour so at the moment it's a bit too dark and I need to lighten it with whitening drops. 

Light and heavy swatches, indirect sunlight:

Direct sunlight:

Natural light:


This is a good foundation and while I do recommend it, it's not my personal favourite so I wouldn't buy it again.

It's a very thin, lightweight product with a barely there, paint-like scent that shouldn't bother most people: I can only smell it if I hold the product right up to my nose.

It spreads and applies beautifully, vanishing into the skin and becoming one with it. Indeed, if you prefer lighter coverage foundations that look like skin, this might be one to try: it's incredibly natural and it doesn't look like makeup.

The finish is slightly dewy but not overly so, although I powder it a tiny bit anyway because that helps with longevity. On that, I get a full eight-hours' wear from this product before it starts to fade a little, and I'm sure you could extend the wear by playing around with different primers or using more setting powder - it's just that I personally don't need it to last any longer than that so I haven't pushed the issue.

Worth noting is that I have dry skin so this kind of runny, hydrating and dewy formula suits me - but it may not play as well with oily skin. I would definitely test this first if that's you because it mightn't be the right product for your skin type.

What I love about this foundation (aside from how natural it looks) is that it blends almost without effort and it never sits in pores or emphasises texture, which is something I look for so that's a plus. What I don't love about it so much is that, as mentioned above, it doesn't reduce the look of open pores like my other foundations do, and that's the only reason why I wouldn't repurchase it.

Do also note that it doesn't have a huge amount of coverage and I've heard most people say that they need two pumps of this to bring them up to something close to a light-medium/medium coverage. While I generally only use one pump because a lighter coverage is my preference, it's worth pointing out that you'll get through this pretty quickly if you're using two pumps or more per application - so that's something to keep in mind.

Overall I think this is a great foundation and I'm glad I've tried it, but it's not my favourite so I wouldn't repurchase it.

Worth trying.

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