Project Dent 2018: Becca Custom Palette (Ombre Nudes & Ombre Rouge)


Hello and welcome to my next round of Project Dent.

I've decided to dent my Becca custom palette again - which mostly contains shades from the Ombre Nudes and Ombre Rouge palettes, minus the shades in the top left and top right-hand corners - for the simple reason that I want to compare it against the Too Faced palette I've just dented.

Why? Because my least-favourite of the two may well end up getting panned via Pan that Palette next year, and although I love them both, I have too much eyeshadow and I really want to start getting through more of it.

Below I've enhanced the above shot for clarity:

As you can see, I haven't made much visible progress on this - although I've certainly used it a lot over the years so it's surprising that we can't see more movement.

There's another shot of the palette:

Enhanced for clarity:

Just looking at my palette, the two shades showing the most progress are the satin rose (top middle) and mid-toned neutral brown (left middle). 

What I'll try to do over the denting period is use both these shades every day and see if I can't get closer to pan in at least one of them. Yes this will mean that the other shades won't get used as much, but I would rather focus on those two so I can start to get a better idea of how long it might take me to pan them.

Then after this round of Project Dent, I need to start working on my five Marc Jacobs eyeshadow palettes: they're the only palettes I own that have never seen a round of Project Dent (partly because they're my newest palettes) and I would like to change that.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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