Back on a makeup no buy!


Well, I mentioned that I was planning on returning to my makeup no buy once June was over so here we are.

As you may know, I did five months of my spending ban from January to May 2018, then lifted it for my birthday month, and now I would like to reinstate it because I don't need any more makeup and I'd like to put some rules in place again.

Do note that I also did a skincare no buy for six months from December until May, and while I'd considered reinstating that too once June was over, I've decided not to because I know what my skincare collection looks like and I'll need to replace things as I finish them over the next few months so I don't think there's any benefit to starting the no buy again because there'll be too many 'essential purchase' updates, which kind of defeats the purpose of a no buy!

I will however keep myself on a skincare low buy and limit the amount I spend on skincare each month (I'll do a post on this today if possible). I won't be needing much for the rest of the year, but I would like to keep things open so I can purchase some things I've had my eye on for a while as soon as I've finished more stuff and have the space for it.

Here are the rules of my reinstated makeup no buy:

  • It will go for three months (until the end of October), at which point I'll open myself up to the possibility of buying a festive release or two - which admittedly will most likely be Hourglass' festive palette/s and nothing more.
  • I'm not allowed to buy any new makeup unless I run out of something essential and have no replacement for it. Eg, I'm incredibly low on concealer and know that I'll need to buy one within the next month. That's fine. I use concealer every day so I need to have one that matches me, which I currently don't (I have a mini in my summer shade but am down to the last few weeks, if that, of the one in my winter shade).
  • Gift cards don't count. So if I have a gift card and want to replace a tinted moisturiser because I've run out of mine (despite that I may still have a foundation or two in use, which is preventing me from buying one because a base is a base so I can't replace it, under my no buy rules), then I'm allowed to do this. And if I have to spend a few dollars to cover any excess that the gift card doesn't meet, that's ok. Better to buy the right product for me, rather than buying something cheaper that doesn't hit the mark.
  • Tools and storage don't count. By this I mean things like makeup brushes and acrylic holders. The reason why these don't count is because I don't have an excess of them and indeed I've been waiting for sales so I can buy myself a new kabuki brush, since mine died. That's fine.

Just to make things clear, my aim with this short makeup no buy is to make sure that my collection doesn't start to grow again now that I've reduced my numbers a lot over the last couple of years.

It's also a nod to the fact that I have too much makeup and don't need more. And given that I'm an environmentally minded individual, I don't want to be saving water, gas and electricity every day, recycling and reusing every day, teaching my kids to be sustainable and respectful towards the planet and all the living things on it, and then in the next breath filling up my makeup collection with more stuff I don't need... It just doesn't sit well with me.

Well, wish me luck! Three months feels like a pretty short amount of time and I don't expect to see anything else coming in during that time except for my concealer, although I will flag now that if Sephora has a 20% off sale in October and know that I'll need to buy that tinted moisturiser I mentioned before the next big sale in May, then I may well do that because otherwise I'm shooting myself in the foot. We'll see, though. I would rather just push through the no buy period and then make do until next year.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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