Project Pan 2018 mini update #19


I've been up all night with my daughter, who wouldn't sleep (she might be getting sick) so I ended up bringing her to bed with me.

While this was a good idea for her because she did sleep then, it was a bad one for me because she wriggles, kicks, somersaults and rolls her way through the night, so I was under physical attack for hours and she also rolled off the bed again (one of the many reasons why she's still in a cot), which gave me a huge fright and there was no chance of sleep after that.

Anyhoo. That's a round-a-bout way of saying that all the posts and work I had planned for today have gone out the window, but I've just photographed this Project Pan empty so I'd like to do a mini update now in order to keep things moving.

It's my Pur-lisse mask. There it is again:

As you can see, it's definitely finished. Now this was only a travel-size so I'm not surprised that I've managed to pan it not long after introducing it to my list, but I'm glad I brought it in because I wasn't using it otherwise and Project Pan encouraged me to get through it.

It wasn't a very good mask and I don't recommend it (I've reviewed it here), and what's good about panning it is that I can now open a different mask and hope that it's better than this one was.

As for my replacement: 

I've picked this Graydon Hair Smoothie, which showed up last year in a Maslow & Co box.

I have tried it and it doesn't work for me at all, but I would like to find some use for it so that's what I'm going to spend the next few weeks doing.

It's meant to be a leave-in treatment but it doesn't work on my hair because it weighs my locks down, so I'm going to try it as a conditioner and also as a pre-wash mask to see whether I can find some alternative way to get through it.

There's how much I've used:

Yep, there's a long way to go!

Still, it only contains 60ml of product so I'll be able to finish it reasonably quickly, even if I only end up using it to protect mine and the kids' hair before we go swimming.

That's all from me. I'm so tired, I can barely type.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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