Becca Backlight Targeted Colour Correcting Crème in Papaya - review and swatches


I've owned this product for over a year now and it doesn't work for me at all so I've decided to declutter it, but I want to review it before I do that.

Indeed, this product is so disastrous on me that I've given it a 'disappointing products' tag - which I so rarely do. But I've tried it every which way and can't get it to work, so it's time to review it before I send it packing.

What baffles me about how bad this product is, is that I've loved the original Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector (reviewed here) for over eight years - and it works so well that I expected this new one to be even better.

Nope, it's not better. I'll be going back to the original as soon as I've finished the Tarte one I'm currently using (reviewed here) - which is pretty good, but it's not as good as the Becca.

Becca claims/product details:

  • Target deep blues and unwanted deep green tones
  • Papaya corrects dullness, ashy tones and dark circles
  • Instead of applying heavy layers of coverage, Becca's corrector allows you to correct and neutralise discolouration with a targeted, thin layer
  • With a highly pigmented formula, the product contains light-reflecting pearls to impart a subtle glow - and visually blur the look of unevenness - bringing your foundation game to the next level
  • Free from parabens and talc
  • RRP $52 AUD for 4.5g, but do shop around

There's what it looks like:

There's a light and heavy swatch, indirect sunlight:


Before I bought this, I spent a lot of time researching whether or not to buy it in the Peach or Papaya shade. Eventually I went for Papaya because I'd seen some people try both and this one worked better on them, although in the end I don't think it would have mattered which one I bought because the formula itself doesn't work for me.

It's a thick, sticky product that feels, looks and smells like lipstick. Putting it under your eyes is a weird experience, given the texture, and it also looks rather odd because no matter how little you use, it's bright. You can see that in the lighter swatch above.

The thing that works so well about the original Becca corrector is that it holds fast and doesn't mix in with your concealer. I can't say the same for this one. No matter how little I use, whenever I put my concealer over the top, the products mix together so my concealer looks orange. Not a good look. Disastrous, in fact.

Indeed, it's for this reason that I find the product to be unusable: whichever concealer I use, whether I try setting this first, whether I try mixing it with whitening drops so it's not so bright, it doesn't work. I just can't find a way around that.

The other thing to note is that it doesn't cancel out my dark circles at all. Yes you could argue that maybe I chose the wrong shade, but I did try Peach and that didn't work either. I think the issue is that it's not opaque enough to do the job. Another reason why the original Becca corrector works better: it's more opaque when applied.

Overall this product doesn't work for me and I've given it a disappointing products tag. For this reason I'm decluttering it. Hopefully it works better for someone else.


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