Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector - review and swatches


I must say, I'm super pleased to finally be sitting down to write this post: I've had this little corrector for ages now, and while I photographed it before using it for the first time (which is why it looks brand new below), the swatches themselves have taken ages.

Honestly, this might be the product I've had to photograph more than any other - I just couldn't get the 'action shots' to work - which is why I've opted for arm swatches as opposed to applying this on my face. When put under my eyes, I can certainly see the difference but this doesn't translate in photos. Plus my under-eye bags are uneven, meaning that any 'with and without' comparison shots were never going to work.

Anyhoo. I'm glad to report that I do love this product, so I haven't been too annoyed with it when it wouldn't photograph the way I wanted it to. It's the first dedicated corrector I've owned, and while I have tried others in-store, I'm yet to find a suitable replacement for it.

Also, the product is currently on my Project Pan list and I'm not yet sick of it: that's saying something!

Becca claims/product details:
  • A creamy, brightening corrector that completely eradicates under eye darkness by  neutralising, brightening and evening skintone
  • Full coverage 
  • Your eye area is primed and backlit for your concealer, giving even coverage
  • Ultra-fine, light-reflecting illuminators restore vibrancy to the face
  • Long-wearing, water and transfer-resistant
  • Doesn't settle into fine lines and wrinkles
  • To use: using your ring finger or a concealer brush, pat underneath the eye and gently blend; follow with concealer application
  • RRP $45 AUD for 4.5g, but do shop around (I got mine for around $34)

What I've done in the shots below is draw on my arm with blue pen, then I've added three blobs over the top: one being my concealer on its own (left); one being the corrector alone (centre); and the last being the corrector with my concealer placed over the top (right, closest to the corrector).

You should be able to see a slight difference in coverage between what the concealer does on its own (left) versus what it does with the corrector underneath it (right). 

Note that I've used less of my concealer when it's combined with the corrector, although it looks like I might have put it on a little more thickly - that's just because the corrector boosts its coverage.

Indirect sunlight:

Direct sunlight:

Natural light:


I really like this product and I recommend it - but I also suggest testing it first because it's one of those polarising products that some people think is fantastic and others think is pretty rubbish. So I wouldn't blind-buy this because you mightn't love the result.

It's a thick, emollient cream that I think is best applied with your fingers. Some people like using a brush but I prefer my fingers because my hands warm the product up, meaning I can spread it out more easily and achieve a finer layer.

And achieving a fine layer with this is, I think, the key to making it work. If you apply too much, your under-eyes will look shiny and some of the corrector may mix in with your concealer, which isn't what you want - it needs to adhere to bare skin and sit underneath the concealer.

Indeed, for the people who don't love this, I've seen a few of them on youtube doing demonstrations and I can see that they're applying way too much product, which could be one of the reasons why it isn't working for them. It's possible of course that they're applying more than usual so viewers can see it, but just be aware that this is definitely a product that needs to be rationed or you'll likely run into problems.

What I love about this is that the tiniest amount somehow boosts the coverage of my concealer so I can use less product overall. This helps avoid my makeup looking overdone, and it also has the added benefit of correcting my under-eyes so they don't look quite so dark.

I've tried this product with countless different concealers and I'm yet to find one that doesn't work with it. To start with I wasn't sure how it would fare (I thought it would mix in with my concealer and make it too light and shiny), but it doesn't do this if used the right way. That is, just use a tiny bit!

One thing to be aware of is that I've occasionally had issues with this product causing the mascara on my lower lashes to 'dissolve', giving me panda eyes - and I'm not the only one who's had this problem, judging by the reviews. The way around this is to either use a tubing mascara or to make sure that your concealer is set and sealed really well with a powder.

As for claims, this product generally meets those - including the one saying that this doesn't settle into fine lines and wrinkles. I do get a bit of creasing as the day wears on, but I suspect that my concealer is to blame for this, and this product certainly doesn't worsen the issue.

One claim to ignore (in my opinion) is the one saying that this product 'completely eradicates' under-eye circles. It does not. Becca is over-saucing it here, and if that's what you're after, you'll most likely be disappointed. What it does do is halve the work of your concealer, so you can use 'lesser' concealers and rest assured that this corrector will have you covered.

All in all, I reckon this is a great product and I recommend it. Having said this, I'm also convinced that I can find something that's even more effective, and I'll be looking at Becca's other correctors as a starting point because I know this formula works.

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