Eir NYC Active Body Wash - review


We received this product in our last edit of Maslow & Co (unboxed here). I tend to stagger the opening of my sub box items - in part because I like to prolong the fun and in part because I have so much stuff already - and this was one of the later products I opened (I have so much body wash as it is). But I've been using it for almost a month now so I'm ready to write this review.

In short, I do like this and I think it's a good product, but it's probably not something I would buy because body wash is something I'm happy to pick up from the chemist for a few dollars on special, and the full size of this costs over $30 AUD.

As I mentioned in my recent review of the Eir NYC Fresh Air Deodoriser (see here), I do however like the idea of this brand because it focuses on creating natural, effective products for people with active lifestyles who need their products to help sustain wellbeing, so it's a brand I'll look out for in future because there may be something else from the line that grabs me.

Eir NYC claims/product details:
  • Supercharged, cleansing body wash
  • Antiseptic and revitalising
  • Restores moisture and balance
  • Organic plant oils are saponified to create a smooth lather
  • Refreshing sage detoxifies the senses
  • Aloe leaf and organic olive oil hydrate the skin without drying
  • Also contains coconut and jojoba oil, and natural rosemary extract
  • To use: for use in the shower, apply directly to a wet sponge
  • RRP $33.25 AUD for 236ml (see Maslow & Co's website)


This is a good product, it's just that I wouldn't fork out $33 AUD for something like this: I'm much more likely to save my pennies for good facial skincare and shop in the bargain section when it comes to my body care.

The first thing I noticed about this body wash is that it's super runny - basically like water - so it's not your standard gel. I don't mind this but it does mean that it's easier to lose some in the shower, so I'd definitely recommend using a sponge or puff that holds the wash well, otherwise the floor will be getting some of your product (and I often find that some slips through my shower puff anyway).

The next thing I noticed about this is that it lathers amazingly well - much better than I'd expected, given the runny texture - so a little goes a long way and I don't need much to cover my whole body and get myself feeling clean. Indeed, I've been using this for almost a month now but there's barely any gone, so even though it's on the expensive side for a body wash, it does work out better on a price-per-use basis.

The product has a nice, clean herbal scent that's quite refreshing (I smell the rosemary more than anything else), and while I don't mind the smell, it's not one I would have picked out for myself. As I say in my review of the Eir NYC deodoriser mentioned above, herbal scents remind me of cooking and I don't necessarily love them in my skincare. Perhaps it's just that I like sweet, fruity scents more than I realised, so more masculine/unisex scents like this don't appeal to me as much.

After use, my skin always feels super clean without feeling stripped. Having said this, my skin is dry and I prefer shower gels that feel more hydrating than this does, and of the three shower gels I have on the go at the moment, this one leaves my skin feeling the tightest so it's not my favourite and I don't reach for it every day because I think it would be too much for me personally.

All in all, this is a nice product that performs well, it's just not one I would buy. I am enjoying using it however and the clean, simple packaging looks good so it's one I'm happy to have in my shower. If you need a unisex kind of product for someone who's hard to buy for, I reckon you could do a lot worse than this brand because the items I've used from these guys so far perform well and look good.


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