Project Dent 2016: Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream Skin Perfector SPF 30 in Medium


I'm going to keep moving through my base products as part of Project Dent 2016, and while I had thought that I'd next dent my two Gorgeous Cosmetics foundations, I've decided that this Revlon BB Cream is a better choice because my due date is tomorrow so it's more than likely we'll be in hospital with bub number two very soon.

While I may not wear any makeup at all in hospital (I didn't last time), if I reach for anything, I'm more likely to slap something like this on as my morning moisturiser than I am to reach for a foundation. Reason being, it's super sheer so it looks like I'm not wearing anything - plus it does contain decent sun protection so if I venture from the ward to get some morning sun, at least I'll know that I'm covered.

I do have a review of this product that's sitting in my drafts, but I wanted to use it a little more before posting it. Another reason to bring it into Project Dent! 

You may have noticed that I haven't been great with my reviews of coloured products lately (I haven't yet reviewed my last two Project Dent items): that's because my camera has stopped taking clear pictures (it's old) and I've only just inherited my husband's old iPhone, so I need to start using that instead and there's an associated learning curve because my computer doesn't love the new camera - I think the photos are too high in quality for my computer to handle (yep, it's old too).

Anyhoo. I'm rambling. Here's where this product is at today:

As you can see, I've only just started using this so there's not much gone. But it hasn't taken many applications for me to know this isn't a repurchase for me - I much prefer Revlon's CC Cream, which has better coverage while still offering a natural finish. This one barely has any coverage to speak of, so I'll probably move it across to Project Pan soon to use it as a day cream - that way I'll be able to get through it for its sun protection, while still leaving myself open to play around with other bases.

But enough chatter! I suspect I'll use this for around two weeks, so check back in soon to see how much I've managed to use in that time. And hopefully by then I'll have knocked off another Project Pan item or two so I can move this onto my PP list without making it any larger than it already is.

Speak soon x

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