Five good things: October 2016


We're coming to the end of the month so it's time to start my various monthly round-up posts, the first being my new 'five good things' series since that's the one I'm most likely to forget!

It's been a pretty full month of happenings in October, and our little household has now expanded from four to five (including the dog ; )) since I gave birth to my son two weeks ago - so of course that's the big thing this month and the one that's brought the most change. Still, there are other things to note for October and I'm happy to say that life is looking pretty good.

My son was born

Well we knew it was coming and it ended up coming later than we thought it would, given the three false labours I'd had and given he came a day after his due date, when it had looked like I was on the cusp of labour from 37 weeks.

Still, he was worth the wait of course and I'm happy to say that little Everett joined us on 11 October 2016 and he's healthy, relaxed and in good shape. There's just the minor (ahem) problem that he's nocturnal, so Mex and I are somewhat frayed around the edges at the moment but we're surviving and looking forward to watching him grow.

Happy times : )

My daughter is adjusting

It was quite a shock for poor little Izzy (she'll be two in February) to discover that her parents had exploded her world by bringing in another member of the family. While she's been overwhelmed and prone to playing up ever since he arrived, she's calming down a little as the days pass and I hope she'll soon forget life without him, as we've already done.

While at first she seemed intent on ignoring him, she's now becoming more interested and likes to watch when I do the daily tasks like changing him or giving him a bath. Earlier in the week, I was breastfeeding him and she ran off to the pram, bringing back his blanket and putting it over him as he fed. It was gorgeous and it broke my heart in the best of ways : )

My husband has one month of leave

That's right, I have help at home for a full month, can you believe it?! Mex's leave started on 10 October and finishes on 9 November, so he'll be around for a couple more weeks and it's certainly helping to have an extra person around while I adjust to managing two children.

It's also meant that Izzy and the dog are still getting plenty of attention, the house is in reasonable shape, and the washing and cooking are up-to-date. Lord knows how I'll manage once he's back at work, but that's a problem for another day ; )

I'm still finding time to blog

I'm hoping that I'll still be able to post at least once a day when Mex returns to work, but I'm also aware that writing will be much harder then and it just mightn't happen. I was able to do it with one child, but with two? We'll see.

We all have things we like to do each day to help us feel human, and this blog is something that keeps me on the level. It's been easy enough to write in the spaces with Mex around so October has been a pretty good month for blogging, but I'm not sure what November will look like. Fingers crossed for me that I'll be able to keep it going at a steady pace.

I'm loving the panning community more than ever

One thing I've really noticed this month is just how involved I'm becoming in the panning community and how wonderfully supportive it is. I have talked about this before but it's worth mentioning again because I seem to be spending more and more time these days connecting with other panners via social media platforms, and I'm really enjoying that engagement.

What's super cool is that the panning community just seems to keep growing as more people realise they need to stop buying so many beauty products and start using the ones they already have. It's a movement that seems to get bigger and better every day, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

In sum

Here's to another month of positives, and happily it's been easy to find the good stuff in October because there's been plenty of it. Fingers crossed that trend continues for November!

Do let me know your positives for the month: I'd love to hear x

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