Project Dent 2016 update: Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream Skin Perfector SPF 30 in Medium


Two weeks ago I moved this Revlon product into my Project Dent series (see introductory post here). If you haven't stumbled across a Project Dent post before, it's basically something I started to encourage me to use all my products in short bursts - just to make sure everything is getting some love. It's kind of a complementary project for Project Pan and Pan that Palette, and indeed it's helped me pick out which products would be best to pan next.

At the moment I'm going through my base products, and I decided to dent this Revlon BB Cream because I hadn't yet reviewed it and I thought I was more likely to use this while in hospital (we've just had our second child), as opposed to a dedicated foundation. While I did slap this on a couple of times in hospital, I haven't used this every single day since I included it in Project Dent on 8 October. So let's just say that it's had ten days' use since then.

Here's where it was on 8 October:

And here's where it is now, on 21 October, after ten days' use:

As you can see, that's a reasonable dent made in a short space of time - mainly because the coverage is so sheer that you really need to slap the stuff on (I've reviewed it here). 

What I've learned in that time is: this will make an 'easy' product for Project Pan. What I'll do is mix it with my day cream (which also contains SPF), to make that last longer and to 'sneak' through this product without really noticing it - I don't love it because the colour is off and it's too sheer, plus I feel that it clogs my pores to boot so applying less of it and mixing it with something else will work better.

Anyhoo. I'll check back in soon with my next item for Project Dent 2016. 

Speak soon xx

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