Project Pan 2016 mini update #24


Yesterday I finally finished off my bottle of Becca Moonstone - woot woot! I love this product but I have three Becca highlighters in liquid form (the others being Opal and Topaz), which is too many and I think two is a better number so I'm glad I've knocked one off.

You can see above that I've scraped the contents from the bottle as best I can. There's another shot:

What I plan to do with this bottle now is fill it with some body cream and crush up one of my Project Pan powder highlighters to add to it, so I've got a ready-made glowy body lotion. I'm doing this so the cream will pick up the last of Becca Moonstone, but also because I like the packaging of the Becca product and don't want to throw it out yet.

As for whether I'll be replacing this highlighter with anything else, I've decided not to for the moment because my list contains twenty products and that's too many. But I do have a few items that I'm keen to move into circulation, so watch this space because I'll be adding more things to my list once I've finished off some more stuff.

Speak soon x

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