Mecca Cosmetica Clean Slate Makeup Remover - review


Some friends of ours kindly gave me a little pack of Mecca Maxima minis for my birthday, and this makeup remover was one of the fun new things inside.

I was pleased to see it because it's not the kind of item I would have bought for myself - I tend to buy whatever makeup remover is on special at the chemist - and I was interested to see how it fared because I've had good experience with Mecca branded items in the past. 

Happily it's an excellent product and it may well be the best makeup remover I've used, which is a good and bad thing because it's not cheap and I don't like falling in love with stuff that spells bad news for my wallet!

Mecca claims/product details:
  • A can’t-live-without classic, this makeup remover cleans all traces of makeup
  • Leaves skin soft, clean and refreshed
  • A highly effective yet ultra-gentle no-rinse formula that dissolves and instantly removes all traces of even the most stubborn, waterproof makeup
  • Infused with the skin-loving goodness of cucumber, aloe vera and green tea, this gentle makeup remover is fragrance free, non-irritating and non-stinging
  • An absolute beauty essential for all skin types
  • RRP $46 AUD for 200ml; or $10 AUD for 35ml


There's not much to say about makeup remover so I'll be brief.

It's a standard watery formula that you apply to a cotton round and wipe over your face. It's indeed fragrance free and it feels cooling and soothing when applied.

Makeup remover is one of those items that I don't really 'notice' or spare a lot of thought for: I buy whatever's on special or use whatever I've wound up with in sub boxes, and it's not a particularly exciting item but I do always use it because I'd prefer to use my fancy cleansers as skin cleansers (not makeup removers - it seems a waste), so it's better to use a remover as the first step in my nightly routine.

I do however notice this makeup remover. Reason being, it cuts through the gunk on my face so much better than anything else I can remember using - and it does this without fuss or rubbing, plus it doesn't sting or irritate my dry, sensitive skin.

Honestly, I was surprised by how good this is because I've used so many sub-standard makeup removers in my time that I'd resigned myself to the fact that I'd never find a good one. Even micellar waters don't work as well for me as they seem to do for other people, but this product works where all others have failed.

One cotton round and a small amount of this stuff will wipe away the gunk on my face with minimal effort, and I use the other side of the round to cut through the muck on my eyes. While it doesn't completely remove all of my waterproof mascara, it probably would if I went back in with a second application - but I don't bother doing this because I would rather ration the product and let the nightly shower take care of my lashes. This does the rest, leaving my skin fresh and ready for my cleanser.

In sum, this is an excellent product that meets all its claims and I've given it an HG tag. While I'm not sure I'd be happy to drop almost $50 AUD on the full size (I would rather buy a beautiful cleanser with that money), I'll certainly be keeping an eye on my travel-sized bottle to see how long it lasts. If it lasts for ages, the full size may well be a good investment that I return to later on.


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