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We received two Eir NYC products in our last Maslow & Co boxes (unboxed here). I hadn't heard of the brand before but it's the kind I'm interested in: according to its website, it's 'an organic skincare line for men and women with active lifestyles. Named after the Norse goddess of healing, Eir prides itself on utilising nature’s salves to foster nourishment of the mind, body and soul.'

Sounds good to me!

Eir NYC claims/product details:
  • A handy little three-in-one that serves as a hand-sanitiser, deodoriser or refresher for your gym gear
  • Soft fragrance that shouldn't interfere with your perfume
  • Ingredients: witch hazel, aloe, alcohol, sage essential oil blend
  • To use: spray on body as a deodorant, palm as hand sanitiser, on sports gear as an odour eliminator
  • RRP $29.95 AUD for 59ml (see Maslow & Co's website)


I opened this product when we received the box so I've been testing it for a good two months now. I did have a deodorant open at the time, but I've found in the later stages of my pregnancy that my other deodorants haven't been working as well as before - so either I smell worse or my sense of smell is stronger. Who knows ; )

It's a liquid that comes in a good-looking silver spray can and you don't need much per application: I find that two pumps per arm is enough. The clean, simple packaging certainly looks nicer than any other deodorant that's graced my bathroom shelves before.

The scent is definitely there but it's not overpowering and I don't mind it - it's a nice, fresh herbal scent - although I'm not sure how I feel about smelling like sage, which is the strongest note I get from the product. I'm used to cooking with sage so it feels a bit odd to walk around smelling like it, and while the scent doesn't turn me off, it's not a scent I would have chosen for myself so I wouldn't buy it for the fragrance alone.

I haven't tried the product as a hand sanitiser because I don't use those, but I have tried it as both a deodoriser and freshener for smelly clothes. It performs well as a deodorant and although I can still smell myself sometimes, it's not as bad as before so it's doing a better job than the deodorant I was previously using. It also makes clothes smell better without leaving behind a pungent stench to mask other scents - a common problem I've found with similar products - so that's a plus.

All in all, I like this product and reckon it meets its claims. I do love a good multitasker and this is definitely that, and although it costs more than I would normally spend on a deodorant, I'm only halfway through the bottle after two months of daily use so the value is there on a price-per-use basis.

I probably wouldn't buy this because deodorant is something I'm happy to grab for a few dollars and I'd rather spend my money elsewhere, but I do like this product and think it performs well.

Let me know if you've tried this and what you think if so : )

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