Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream - review


Over the past few months I've somehow wound up with an abundance of posts sitting in my drafts, so I keep forgetting what's there and what I need to review. Then there's the whole 'we've just had a baby' thing, so my memory is of course somewhat compromised to say the least ; )

Anyhoo. I stumbled across a few drafts for products in the above kit and realised that I still have a couple of items left to review before I can write my round-up post on the kit as a whole. So over the next few days I'll focus on getting those reviews organised.

Next up is this body cream, which I'd already sampled before so I had some idea of what I thought about it (spoiler: it's ok but overpriced). 

Clarins is a brand that I've had more to do with than I might have otherwise because my mum has been loyal to Clarins for decades. 

Her bathroom shelves are lined with every lotion and potion imaginable from the brand, and she often passes on products or GWPs that she won't use to myself and my sister. While these are of course gratefully received, Clarins products have never grabbed me and it's really only the Beauty Flash Balm and Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch that I'll keep coming back to.

I can say the same for this product: it's nice but it's certainly not one I would buy, particularly given the $75 AUD price tag for the full size.

Clarins claims/product details:
  • An irresistible velvety cream to pamper the body
  • A formula rich in regenerating and firming plant extracts, which restore the skin's youthful density and elasticity
  • Moisturising and nourishing, this comforting body care instantly smooths away lines, leaving skin soft and satin-smooth
  • Formulated to help recover skin firmness lost due to ageing, changes in weight or pregnancy
  • Minimises the appearance of slackened skin, and tightens and tones surface layers
  • Refreshes the skin and helps to diminish a spongy appearance
  • Smooths skin: suppleness and softness are restored
  • Skin becomes firmer and youthful-looking, contours are achieved
  • RRP $75 AUD for 200ml


While this is a nice cream, it's a little too thick for me and I found it quite hard to spread. It's unusual that I find products too thick because I have dry skin and I prefer the heavier stuff, but this crosses from thick/rich into wasteful: I don't think I've ever needed to use more body cream per application than I have with this product.

Also, I have tried the matching body lotion from the same line and I found that to be more hydrating - perhaps because it absorbs better than the cream does, due to its lighter texture. The problem with this cream, I think, is that it's so thick that the layer on your skin is too heavy and most of it doesn't absorb (but your clothes and sheets will be nicely moisturised ; )).

Nevertheless, I do enjoy applying this because it feels velvety and has a nice, inoffensive cream scent that's quite rich in itself. My body does feel more comfortable after application, so some of the moisture must be sinking in and it's just the top layer that leaves a residue behind.

On the claims: yes it's velvety in texture; yes it's reasonably moisturising and nourishing; no it doesn't do anything towards restoring firmness and elasticity (at least for me), although it does leave your skin feeling plumped after application; and no I don't think it tightens or tones the surface layers of your skin. It does however leave your skin feeling softer and more comfortable after application, so it's a product I'll happily use until the tube is done.

Overall, this is an ok body cream but it's hugely overpriced and there's no way I would buy it. I've used budget body creams that do more for nourishing and (temporarily) firming my skin than this does, and while I wouldn't knock back another tube, I certainly won't be buying it.

Ok, but I reckon your pennies are better spent elsewhere.

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