Project Pan 2016 mini update #25


I went to do my makeup earlier today and realised that I was down to my last-ever application of this little eye base. Woot woot!

It's been a year since I had this in Project Pan circulation - indeed, funnily enough I moved it onto my list on the same day last year (19 October) - so this is a big win for me and I'm super happy to see the back of it.

There it is, in all its glorious emptiness:

A full year of using this little 2.5g eye base. Makes you reconsider buying too many of these, doesn't it?!

I've decided not to replace it with anything else for the moment, just because my list is full enough and I'd prefer to finish off a product or two before adding anything else in.

I'll be back soon with my full PP update for the month : ) x

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