Project Dent 2016: IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+ (Light and Medium)


I'm keen to keep Project Dent rolling for the rest of the year because it's not only been useful in making sure that all my products are getting some love, but it's also helping me review some items I've had floating around for a while. 

On top of that, it's been a good 'feeder' for Project Pan 2017 and I already have a good idea of which products will be heading straight from this panning project into that one.

Next up is my IT Cosmetics CC Cream in Medium, which I received in one of my sub boxes and which quickly became one of my favourite bases of all time. I'm yet to review it but I can tell you this much: believe the hype. It's easily one of the most natural, effective CC/BB creams I've ever tried and I'll likely be buying the full size once my tube is done.

Indeed, I like it so much that I've picked up a sample of the Light shade on two occasions now (this little tub is my second sample) and I need to work out whether I should buy both the Medium and Light shades in future or stick with one and make that work year-round. 

Since you can buy these in the travel sizes (as the Medium shade is above), it's not the worst idea to have two shades because I'll more easily be able to get through them. I've found in the past that having two full-sized products in different shades can be a bit of an issue because one of them often hangs around while you use the one that's a closer match.

Anyhoo. Here's how much of each is left:

As you can see, I've used a bit of the Medium tube and the sample has been used but there's still a lot in there and, since you don't need much each time to get good coverage, that alone will take me a while to get through. I'm hoping I can have the sample finished within two weeks, while making some good in-roads into the Medium shade at the same time.

After that I may well make the Medium product my summer base and keep using it because I like the high sun protection, and if I fall in love with it completely (I'm already half there!), I'll look at buying the full size come Sephora's Black Friday sale in November.

I'm really excited about using these two and look forward to seeing some good progress. After that I may stop using my base products for Project Dent and move back to my Becca powders, just to keep things interesting. We'll see.

Speak soon x

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