We're home


This is just a short note to say that Mex and I have arrived safely home with our newborn boy, Everett Jack Saupe. We're all doing well and can't wait for our little girl and our dog to return from the grandparents so we can all be together and start doing our thing as a new family.

As we speak, Mex has gone to the airport to pick up his mum, who's here in Australia from Mexico for a few months to properly get to know her grandchildren. He will swing past here to collect us, and we will then head to see my family and pick up our girls. Exciting, warm times ahead.

Little Everett is now sleeping soundly (fingers crossed) and I'm at my computer, battle weary and with ice-packs in all the usual places, feeling lighter than air. Pregnancy and childbirth take their toll, but that chapter is closed and I can't wait for the coming days.

Today I've found myself reflecting on the hospital experience we've just left, remembering how it was the first time around and seeing the differences - already - between my two children. They developed their own personalities in the womb and, so far, those personalities have held steady. When it comes to the nature or nurture argument, I believe in nature all the way. There's something special about that: we are who we are from the start.

Anyway. I won't ramble on because we'd be here for hours, but I may well write a post or two on topics completely unrelated to beauty in the weeks ahead. I haven't written much on motherhood because, quite frankly, it's too personal and I'm not sure who really wants to hear what I have to say on the subject anyway - but we'll see. There may be a few thoughts and feelings that float up and find themselves desperate to be on the page.

Really hope you're all well, and speak soon xx

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