Project Dent 2016 update: Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super Charged Foundation in #34


Back on 20 September, I first introduced this Marc Jacobs foundation to my Project Dent 2016 series (see that post here). Now, almost three weeks on, I'm ready to move on to something else.

In a sec I'll show you how much I've managed to use of the foundation in that time. Do note, though, that I wasn't able to use it every day: I was sent a BB cream to review during the last few weeks, so I used that for five days and the foundation for (most of) the other time.

During the testing period I've come to the conclusion that, while I like this foundation, it's not HG material for me so I won't repurchase it. 

I'll happily use this bottle however because I do think it's a good product and it makes a great mixer for some of my other bases. It's lightweight and looks natural on the skin, and you can build it from a sheer to medium coverage without it looking like makeup. I'll review it shortly, so stay tuned for that.

There's where my bottle was at on 20 September:

And here's where it is now:

As you can see, I've used a noticeable amount but there's still plenty left. I did consider moving this straight into Project Pan because it's a good product for that and I'm confident I can finish it within a few months, but for now I've decided that I'm not ready to tie myself to another base so I'd rather play with my other foundations via Project Dent before moving one into Project Pan.

Next up I think I'll be denting my two foundations from Gorgeous Cosmetics (I have the same product in two shades) so stay tuned for that : )

Speak soon x

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