Maslow & Co October 2016, Korea Edit - unboxing and first impressions


This box arrived on Monday last week, so I'm a little late on the unboxing post I'm afraid: I went into labour on Tuesday morning so it was always going to be forgotten for a while! At least the box arrived when it did so I didn't have to arrange for someone to pick it up for me while we were in hospital: indeed, perhaps it was the arrival of the box that convinced my body it was finally time to get cracking ; )

Anyhoo. I was expecting a super box from Maslow & Co when it came to the Korea edit, and I do think they've delivered. It mightn't be my favourite box on record - partly because it contains so many sheet masks and I'm not good friends with those - but it's definitely a nice box and I can't wait to get stuck into it.

There it is above, jam-packed as always. Korean beauty just seems to get bigger and bigger, and I've been missing my fix of unusual products ever since Memebox stopped delivering to Australia. Plus I have a feeling that Maslow & Co will have brought us a good selection of products.

What I'll do now is go through each item in turn, and later on I'll start reviewing things individually - so stay tuned for future posts if you're interested in seeing how the box performs in action.

Maven Gift: At One Skincare Toning Coffee Scrub

Let's kick off with the Maven Gift for this month: it's a good-looking little coffee scrub and I'm super excited about it because I love a good coffee scrub and I don't have a decent exfoliant on the go at the moment.

According to the card, it's a deeply aromatic body scrub that's crafted with all natural active ingredients. It contains coffee beans, elderflower, coconut sugar and orange. Yum! Really can't wait to use this one. I'll let you know how I go : )

Monde Reve Angel Wash Cleanser (RRP $32 AUD for 95g; received full size)

This apparently offers a really deep clean: it foams and lathers beautifully and won't dehydrate your skin. It should remove all traces of makeup and you can use it as your first or second cleanse.

I'm actually really excited about this one and it may be the most appealing item in the box for me. Reason being, I've been on a bit of a cleanser stint lately because I've found a couple of really good ones this year, which has made me want to search for other, complementary cleansers that are just as good. There's a 'hole' in my collection when it comes to a good foaming cleanser, so fingers crossed this one will fill it.

Cremorlab Snow Falls Melting Cream (RRP $55 AUD for 60ml; received full size)

You could have received one of six different items from Cremorlab in this box, and this was the one in my box. Just scanning the list, I would have been happy with any of the potential inclusions but I'm pleased about this because I don't have any dedicated night creams at the moment (aside from a glycolic product, which isn't for daily use) so it's timely that I received this to fill the gap in my collection.

According to the card, this is specifically whipped up to restore vitality to the skin. With glycerine and squalene added to form a barrier and lock in moisture, it protects from moisture loss and environmental factors. Sounds good! Might have to open this today : )

May Coop Raw Sauce Essence (RRP $19 AUD for 40ml; received full size)

This is a gentle essence and toner emulsion in one that intensively nourishes the skin. It's formulated with maple sap (a smaller molecular size than water), so it's absorbed easily to achieve a more radiant and dewy complexion.

Actually I'm equally excited about this product as I am about the melting cream: I've had some good luck with the few essences I've tried and I've been wanting to find one for my routine, so hopefully this fits the bill because it's not too expensive. I might be good and wait to open it though: I have a few half-finished toners cluttering the shelves in the bathroom and I need to get through those first.

Lindsay Collagen Modelling Mask (RRP $7 AUD; received full size)

You could have received one of three different masks, and this collagen product was the one in my box. Apparently it's a step up from your sheet mask, providing your skin with an intense infusion of enhancing treatments. Collagen is for all skin types but it's best for ageing or dull skin (that's me!).

I've wound up with an abundance of face masks lately so this one will probably get pushed to the back of the list because I don't like having too many similar things open at once, but it will certainly get used eventually. Given that I'm swimming in masks, this item isn't thrilling me as much as the others - but that doesn't mean it won't be good.

Half Moon Eyes Fruity Wash Off Mask (RRP $15 AUD for 3 x 10ml; received full size)

This contains dragonfruit, which is apparently nourishing and exfoliating - plus it cools and calms the skin. This mask should clear and minimise pores without stripping the skin of moisture.

Again, I'm drowning in masks at the moment so this product isn't something I'm drawn to, but I do like that it comes in individual little pots that make it travel-friendly. I'll use this product but it might take me some time to get there.

Bundle of five sheet masks (RRP $3 AUD to $7 AUD; total value $22 AUD)

I won't go through these individually because we'd be here for hours, but I will include them in upcoming sachet city posts, so stay tuned for that if you're interested.

As mentioned above, I don't love serial killer masks because I've only ever used one that did anything for my skin - and gosh, I've used so many! - and I find them to be a hassle to use (I'd much prefer a standard cream or mud mask). Maybe partly because you can't easily eat and drink while you're wearing one, if I'm honest ; ) I also find that they do no more for my skin than a towel doused in water would, but let's hope that at least one or two of these surprises me.

In sum

Not a bad little box! The first four items above are the ones I'm most excited about: otherwise this is too heavy on the masks for me so it's not my favourite Maslow & Co box thus far. That being said, it's still better than any other sub box I'm subscribed to so no complaints there.

The total RRP value of the box is $150 (minus the Maven Gift), so it's a good value little package and I can't wait to try the products.

Do let me know if you received this box and what you think of it if so.

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