Natural Instinct Rejuvenating Rosehip Oil - review


I received this product to review last month and I was super pleased to see it because I'd just run out of the facial oil I was using and definitely needed a replacement. As a dry-skinned lass, oils have long been an essential part of my skincare routine and probably always will be, so I've tried a lot over the years and am always happy to try more.

Happily this is a great little facial oil and I'm really enjoying using it - plus it's probably the best rosehip oil I've used to date - but more on all that below.

 Natural Instinct claims/product details:
  • Certified organic with antioxidant and omega boost
  • Provides 12 hours of continuous hydration
  • Promotes skin elasticity, reduces the signs of ageing and assists skin renewal
  • Boosted with powerful antioxidants, omegas and vitamins for the ultimate anti-aeging and hydrating skin treatment
  • Helps smooth fine lines and improve skin firmness for younger, healthier-looking skin
  • Addresses skin concerns like acne, pigmentation and scarring
  • Easily absorbed and perfect for all skin types
  • Contains rosehip oil, camellia oil, seabuckthorn extract and rosemary extract
  • Made in Australia
  • Free from nasties and cruelty free
  • To use: after cleansing, massage 2-3 drops into face and neck; can be used alone or under your day cream or night cream
  • RRP $19.95 for 25ml


This is a really lovely facial oil and I'm glad I've tried it because it's on my radar now and I may well buy it in future. I've tried a few rosehip oils before but none of them really grabbed me like this one did.

It's a lightweight oil that smells gently of rosehip, feels beautiful and just melts into the skin. It somehow manages to be hydrating without feeling too oily - a plus because I wouldn't use it in the morning before makeup application if it were too heavy. This I can happily use both morning and evening in place of my serum.

After use, my skin feels nourished and comfortable. This is important for me because my skin is super dry so I need oils and heavier creams to target any tightness and dehydration. This one does the job nicely, and I find I can use a lighter cream over it because it does the hard work for me.

As for whether it does things like address pigmentation, acne and scarring, it's hard to say - I would need to test it for longer and do so without my other skincare (which also claims to address those issues). Mind you, I'd be surprised if it did anything for pigmentation or scarring because I've seen no difference over the month that I've used it. I haven't had any break-outs, however, and it doesn't clog pores so that's a plus.

I do think it generally meets its other claims and I feel that it's helped with things like elasticity, firmness and fine lines (at least temporarily). So if you have dry skin that's over 30 like I do, you might really like this product and it's a good one to try because it doesn't break the bank.

Do note that I need to apply twice the recommended amount - although I usually do anyway because my dry skin absorbs product like no tomorrow, so that's not surprising.

Overall I like this product and recommend it. It's kept my dry skin happy without being too greasy and it's not expensive so I may well buy it in future.


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