Project Pan 2016: the tally so far #3


There's only a couple of months left in the PP year so I wanted to sneak this tally post in now, in the hope that it might help me maintain my momentum for the last leg of 2016.

So, as of 11 August 2016, here's what my list of finished products looked like:
  • nine lipsticks (including one palette)
  • three lip glosses
  • one lip/cheek tint
  • four BB creams/tinted moisturisers (one half-size)
  • two foundations
  • one concealer
  • one highlighter (one cream)
  • one setting powder
  • one contour kit (powder)
  • two eyeshadows (one cream)
  • two eye pencils
  • one toner
  • one cleanser

In August, after my tally post, I also knocked off:
  • two eyeliners
  • one cleanser
  • one tinted moisturiser/BB cream

That made a total of seven products for August, which was previously my PP record. Woot woot!

September kicked off well because I finally finished my Croquis Duo Concealer, which I'd tried to pan last year but had eventually grown sick of, so I was really pleased to see that product moved out. September was also the month when the blush I was panning finally died - a good thing because it had become quite grainy in its old age and I was more than ready to turf it.

It was another good month overall and my tally at the end of the month was as follows:
  • two lipsticks
  • one concealer
  • two haircare products (one oil and one treatment)
  • one full-sized blush
  • one 4ml foundation sample (out of three to be panned)

As for October's tally so far, it's been a disjointed month where Project Pan's concerned because I gave birth to my son earlier in the month and I had about a week there where I wasn't using most of my products (we were in hospital at the time).

Still, I have managed to finish off four full-sized products, three of which have been around for ages and one of which was part of Project Pan 2015. So far this month I've knocked off:
  • one liquid illuminator
  • one lipstick
  • one bronzer
  • one eye base/cream eyeshadow


So, my Project Pan 2016 tally now is as follows:
  • twelve lipsticks (including one palette)
  • three lip glosses
  • one lip/cheek tint
  • five BB creams/tinted moisturisers (one half-size)
  • three foundations (one mini - I'll count the three I'm using as one product)
  • two concealers
  • one setting powder
  • one contour kit (powder)
  • one bronzer
  • one blush
  • two highlighters (one cream, one liquid)
  • three eyeshadows (two cream)
  • four eye pencils
  • one toner
  • two cleansers
  • two haircare items (one oil and one treatment)

In sum

I've just counted those up and that's forty-four products in total. Yay! I'd wanted to top my PP total of forty products from last year, so looks like I've already done that and there's still a couple of months left in the year. Double yay!

Let's see if I can hit at least fifty products for the 2016 Project Pan year. Fingers crossed for me!

Speak soon x

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