Palmolive Oil Infusions Body Moisturiser, Jasmine with Avocado Oil - review


I received this product in a recent sub box and I was pleased to see it because I've been going through body creams something chronic during my pregnancy and there's always room for one (or five) more.

Unfortunately I don't love it - more on why below - but I do like the scent so I'll use my bottle for that reason alone.

Palmolive claims/product details:
  • A luxurious, deep hydrating formula containing jasmine and avocado oil 
  • Easily absorbed 
  • Non-greasy feeling
  • Enriched with an infusion of botanical oils
  • Penetrates deeply to moisturise and rejuvenate
  • Leaves your skin smooth, hydrated and lightly fragranced
  • RRP $9.99 AUD for 400ml, but do shop around


I don't love this product and there's not much to say about it so I'll be brief.

It's a light, white cream that's more of a lotion in texture because it's thinner and more runny than most other body moisturisers I've used lately. It indeed has a jasmine scent that's not overpowering but it does linger nicely on the skin, and the scent is the one thing I like about this product.

Other than the scent, the first thing I noticed about this cream is that it just doesn't want to absorb. I have to give it a good rub to make it sink in, and even then I'm left with streaks everywhere that take a while to vanish.

The problem with that is, it means the product isn't hydrating enough for my dry skin because it sits on the surface of my body, rather than delivering moisture where I need it.

What this also means is that it leaves a greasy residue: not only are my clothes sticking to my legs as we speak, but my hands have a greasy and almost powdery film on them - and I applied the product over half an hour ago. Indeed, the film on my hands is annoying me so much that I'll have to wash it off once I've finished writing this review.

I like that the product has a pump, but unfortunately it looks like I got a bung one because it doesn't work (it won't pump down and seems to be stuck). Hopefully I was just unlucky, and others haven't had the same issue.

So in sum, I don't like this product and don't think it meets its claims. It's also more expensive than many other body creams lining the shelves at the chemist, and I think you could do a lot better in this price range.

Just not for me.

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