Becca Champagne Splits in Prosecco Pop & Amaretto - review and swatches


I'm currently denting this product via Project Dent so I thought I'd jump online today and review it now while it's front of mind.

Do note that while these Champagne Splits products were limited edition and you can no longer buy them, you can buy Prosecco Pop individually and I've also seen Amaretto show up in later palettes, so this review isn't redundant and I do have other Becca blushes and highlighters to compare these to (see below) - meaning the comparison swatches in particular may be helpful to someone.

Note however that because you can't buy this particular compact anymore, I won't be going into detail about product claims etc as I normally would. Instead let's just focus on the colours and formulas, and how they compare to the other Becca products I own.

Note also that I love the packaging of this particular Becca product, and I would absolutely love to see the brand continuing on this trend of keeping the original 'form' of the packaging but changing up the colours and materials it's made from.

Look how pretty it is:

Four of these duos were available for purchase when I bought mine, and I was always going to go for this one for two reasons.

First, the other blushes were too bright for me: I wanted something more neutral.

Second, I already own Champagne Pop so I wanted one of the two duos that contained the Prosecco Pop highlighter.

There's a shot of the pan, direct sunlight:

And in natural light:

Below I've done some swatches of this product and also some comparison swatches alongside other Becca products.

Light and heavy swatches of Amaretto and Prosecco Pop, indirect sunlight:

And below we have Prosecco Pop (left), Champagne Pop (middle) and Opal (right), indirect sunlight:

Prosecco Pop (left), Champagne Pop (middle) and Opal (right), direct sunlight:

Below I've swatched Amaretto alongside three other Becca blushes: 

 * L-R: Amaretto, Wild Honey, Sweet Pea, Bolero


I think this is a nice product and it's generally in line with Becca's formula, although I have noted a few differences.

First, Prosecco Pop feels a tiny bit drier, harder and grittier than my Champagne Pop and Opal (Opal especially is softer). Yes I would still call it a creamy formula, but it doesn't feel quite the same and I also think it looks significantly more glittery in the pan and also on the face than Champagne Pop and Opal (which would explain why it feels more gritty to the touch).

Second, Amaretto feels drier and harder than the four other Becca blushes I own (I haven't pictured Songbird above because it's not as nude as the others). Yes I would still call it a soft, smooth formula - but the others feel like velvet to the touch. This one doesn't.

Note however that Amaretto performs the same as my other Becca blushes. It blends, applies and diffuses beautifully, and it has an ethereal look on the skin. It's more of a satin than a matte, but not so satin that you would definitely call it so. 

I also really love the shade of Amaretto: yes it's a nude, but it has this gorgeous apricot/terracotta undertone that I think is really flattering. I'll certainly be reaching for this particular shade more often in future. 

As for Prosecco Pop, I'm a big sucker for these antique gold colours that are more yellow in tone (they remind me of pirate's treasure) - but unfortunately I don't love how it looks on the face because I'm really aware of the glitter it contains. 

Yes Prosecco Pop applies the same as my other Becca highlighters but it also emphasises texture in the same way they do (indeed, that's my biggest gripe with Becca's formula). However unfortunately the glitter is really noticeable in this shade and I can't see the glitter as much with either Champagne Pop or Opal. In future I may stick to using Prosecco Pop on the eyes.

Overall I wouldn't say that I regret this purchase, but it's not one of my better choices. I think the product is decent, but the formulas of both the blush and the highlighter aren't completely the same as my other Becca products so that's something to keep in mind.

That's all from me. Hopefully the comparison swatches have been helpful!

Speak soon x

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