Makeup no buy 2018: one month update (July)


I realised this morning that it's time to update you on my makeup no buy, which I reinstated after I had a month off in June (my birthday month) - so we're now moving into month six after a little break in the middle.

I've done ok so far however I have had a few things enter my collection, but note that they've come in within my no buy 'rules' because I didn't pay for them so we're still looking good.

Here's what I've acquired over the past month:

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Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara

I bought this because I had a $100 Mecca gift card to spend in July (I got that for my birthday) and I made an online order for some skincare that cost me $80 - so rather than be left with $20 on the gift card that would have required me to spend another $55 at some point to get free shipping, I decided instead to add the travel-size of this product to my order.

That way I used the entire gift card in one hit and didn't have to pay shipping. There wasn't any skincare in this price-bracket that I wanted so I wasn't going to pick something for the sake of it, plus I've been wanting to try this mascara for ages since everyone has been raving about it - and I'm not currently drowning in mascaras, so it made sense to use the leftover on my gift card to cover it.

I don't regret it and I'm looking forward to trying it!

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NYX Butter Glosses x 4

There's a bit of a story behind this one. What happened was that Priceline stuffed up its Pink Diamonds rewards recently and the rewards were never delivered to my local Priceline store (although they kept telling us they were coming so others like myself kept checking the same store and didn't bother to travel to another Priceline, because we were told that the delay was Victoria-wide even though we later discovered that it wasn't).

In the end we didn't get our rewards, so as compensation Priceline sent out $20 vouchers to the Pink Diamond members in my local area. Given there's a 50% off makeup sale on foot at the moment, I decided to use my voucher to buy four of these at less than $5 a pop (and I added a bottle of water for $1 to use the whole voucher).

The reason why I did this was not only because they were half-price and I was getting them for free anyway, but also because there's no skincare, body care or haircare that I need at the moment, though I am running low on lip products (I only have three lipsticks left!) so it made sense for me to grab some of my HG glosses for free - and of course I could get four instead of two because they were half price.

Again, I don't regret it!

In sum

My makeup no buy is still going well and so far I haven't spent any 'real' money on makeup. I'm hoping this continues for the next two months, and I'm still planning to lift my ban in October when the festive releases start coming out.

Mind you, at this point I haven't seen any festive releases that I want - even the Hourglass edit isn't one that I need because I already own two-thirds of the products in it - so I may well extend my spending ban past then, depending on how much I've managed to reduce my makeup collection by the end of the year.

That's all from me. Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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