Thursday Plantation Macadamia Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm - review


You may remember me saying that I wanted to get my draft posts down to less than fifty over the next couple of months, and at the same time reduce the amount of draft photo folders I have to less than two rows (keeping in mind that each folder contains hundreds of photos).

While I'm happy to say that I'm now heading towards one row of draft photo folders, unfortunately my draft posts have skyrocketed to over seventy - and of course the two things are related. The more photos I edit, the more drafts I have.

Anyhoo. Some of my husband's Mexican friends are visiting this week, which means that we've done a huge clean of the house and I've had to put all my photo stuff away (the props etc), so my aim this week will be to keep hacking away at my draft photos without introducing new ones, until we're right down and then I can turn my mind to the amount of draft posts I have...

I digress.

This lip balm was a freebie in a Priceline goodies bag, and while I'll always find a use for a clear balm like this (they're good for eg the cuticles too), I wasn't expecting it to be a good lip balm and indeed I was right.

The problem I find with these kinds of balms - and I would include paw paw ointments in this group - is that they're so slippery that I can't wear them on the lips. They slide around, they don't wear well and they end up in my mouth. The same applies to this one, but it does make a great moisturiser for my dry feet, knees and elbows, so all is not lost.

Thursday Plantation claims/product details:

  • Supports the skin's natural barrier function and prevents lips from drying
  • Nourishes dry, cracked and chapped lips
  • Seals in moisture for soft, smooth lips
  • Macadamia oil is one of the richest sources of essential fatty acids, helping to replenish dry skin
  • No petrolatum, silicone, mineral oils, phthalates, artificial colours or fragrances, synthetic parabens, SLS or SLES, or synthetic preservatives
  • Cruelty free
  • RRP $7.99 AUD for 30g, but do shop around


This isn't the right lip balm for me and while I have found other uses for it, if it's labelled as a lip balm then that's how I want to use it so I can't give it a good review.

It's a clear balm and it doesn't have a strong fragrance (I smell a tiny bit of macadamia), although I can certainly taste it. It tastes a little like soap and I don't like wearing it on my lips because it slides into my mouth almost immediately - so for me, it's basically unwearable as a lip balm.

It has a standard balm-like texture but it is rather greasy and slippery, which is likely why it slides into my mouth something chronic. It also slides outside lip lines and transfers in a heartbeat, so it's not something I can wear during the day because it goes everywhere. I can't wear it overnight either because it doesn't last (so I need to keep applying it), and in any event, I don't want this in my mouth while I'm trying to sleep.

Thankfully it's a clear product and although it's not labelled as multipurpose, I've gone ahead and treated it as such anyway - otherwise I wouldn't have any use for it.

What I've been doing is applying it to my dry feet, knees and elbows every night after my shower, and it's certainly helped deal with dry winter skin. While before my knees especially had some harder patches of skin on them, this product has helped soften those down.

It's also been good for softening the cuticles and I've been able to use it on my chilblains too (damn winter). Sure, it's not treating the chilblains themselves - but it is helping to condition the dry parts of skin where they've become itchy and have started to harden and become blister-y - so I've certainly been able to find something to do with this product and it's not all bad.

Overall I don't hate this product and I've been able to find some use for it, but it doesn't work as a lip balm on me personally and it's been marketed as a lip balm so I can't give it a good review.

Not for me.

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