Project Dent 2018: Becca Champagne Splits in Prosecco Pop & Amaretto


Today I need to wind up this round of Project Dent and introduce my next product. At the moment I'm sitting at my desk waiting for the sun to come out, because I can't properly photograph makeup pans without direct sunlight - and I do really hate the waiting game that always arises in winter.

Waiting for the sun, running to catch the sun, just missing it, bundles of wasted photos, repeat, repeat.

Anyhoo. I got there in the end. Let's have a look.

Do note that I reviewed this product during the denting period: see here if you're interested.

What I said was that it's reasonable but it's not quite up to Becca's normal standards. For example, Prosecco Pop is drier than my other Becca highlighters and it's also a lot more glittery on the skin, which isn't my personal preference.

I do however enjoy Amaretto. Sure, it's not quite as soft and creamy as my other Becca blushes in texture, but it still applies well and looks beautiful on the face. I can see myself reaching for this particular shade a lot more often in the future: it's very pretty.

Here's how the product looked two weeks ago:

And here's how it's looking now:

Below I've enhanced the above two shots for clarity.

Two weeks ago:

And today:

You should be able to see that I've made some good progress in Prosecco Pop especially. Before there was barely a mark on the surface and I've now got a little dent happening in the middle of the pan.

As for Amaretto, there's not a lot happening there but I have managed to smooth out the surface a little so the original latticed pattern isn't quite so visible. It's a start I suppose. Blushes are impossible to pan so it's no surprise that I've barely made a mark in this one.

Overall I'm calling it a successful round of Project Dent because I've finally got some use out of this product, which was previously gathering dust in my collection. I've also managed to review it during that time, which was one of my aims.

Now, to pick out my next item for Project Dent...

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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