Alpha-H Everyday Fresh Cotton Cloths - review


I bought these cotton cloths a while ago because I needed to add something to my cart in order to get free shipping, and I also needed some new face cloths so I thought I would try them.

I'm sorry to say that I don't think they're great - which I wasn't expecting because they're from Alpha-H (my favourite skincare brand) - and while I'll use them, I still want to find myself some other cloths because these aren't right for me. More on that below.

Alpha-H claims/product details:

  • Ideal for removing your preferred Alpha-H cleanser or mask
  • Reveal a fresh radiant complexion every day of the week with a soft cotton cloth that gently exfoliates the skin while sweeping away daily grime and makeup
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Contains seven pure cotton muslin cloths
  • RRP $29 AUD for seven cloths, but do shop around (I paid less than $20 for mine)


This will be a short review because there's not much to say about cotton cloths, but suffice to say that these don't work as well for me as I'd hoped.

They're beautifully presented in a little box, rolled up and tied with ribbons, but as soon as I picked one up, I sensed that it wouldn't be the right face cloth for me personally.

My issue is that they're very thin and not soft (more like a stiff handkerchief than a towel), so they don't hold water as well as I would like.

Also, they don't feel soft against my skin and there's something a little abrasive about them. Yes one side is more textured and the other is more smooth, but when it comes to wiping one across my face, both sides feel the same: that is, not soft enough for me.

Plus because these don't hold water very well, I feel like like they're not effective enough either. I have to use the entire cloth (both sides) to remove my makeup, and they're a little larger than your average face-cloth so if I'm using the entire surface area each time, that's not a good sign. 

On that, while normally I can use one of my face cloths four times (half of one side, then the other side, then flip it over and repeat) before washing one, with these, I need one whole cloth per use. This means more washing, so they're not as practical (or as environmentally friendly) as I would like them to be.

Overall I don't recommend these and I plan to replace mine with something else as soon as possible. They're not effective, I don't like how they feel against my skin and they're also not environmentally friendly, considering that I need to wash one after each use.

Not for me.

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