Project Pan mini update #24


Well, it's been two weeks since my last Project Pan mini update so I'm glad I can bring you an empty now before we get too close to August's full update.

Do note, though, that I'm not sure how much more I'll finish between now and then. While I can see that I'll likely have one more empty before month's end, that may well be the last of it because I have too many products on my list that won't be finished anytime soon.

I digress. As you can see, I've finally finished my Becca eye primer. 

There it is again:

I didn't review this product because it has been discontinued and I couldn't even find its full name, but I can tell you that it wasn't great as an eye primer (my shadows creased) so I ended up using it as a foundation darkener, and also mixed in with my face primer to give me a bronze glow beneath my makeup that did a good job of making my skin look a little more uniform in colour.

Yes I was able to find a use for it, but I don't need it so I'm glad that it's gone. It was getting rather old too.

As for my replacement:

It's my L'Oreal Pure Clay Exfoliating & Smoothing Red Algae Mask, which I reviewed this morning (see here).

It's an ok product but I think the little grains in the formula do more for me than the actual mask does, and I don't need a face mask for exfoliation because I can do the same thing in a fraction of the time with a dedicated exfoliant.

Plus I have too many masks and I would like to get through more, so that's why I'm keen to remove another one from circulation.

In sum

It's shaping up to be a bad panning month for me but I'm confident that September will be better so I'll just tread water for now and look forward to that.

Do let me know in the comments how you're going with your own panning projects: I'd love to hear.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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