L'Oreal Pure Clay Exfoliating & Smoothing Red Algae Mask - review


When these L'Oreal pure clay masks came out, people went nuts for them - comparing them to some of GlamGlow's masks and noting that they're a fraction of the price, which they are.

I was able to get one of them for free via Beautyheaven's website, and even though I hadn't opened it yet, when I saw them on sale for $10 at my local supermarket I went ahead and bought two more (and I've just seen that they've expanded the range, so there's another couple you can buy).

I opened my three at the same time, tested them all twice and then decided this was probably the best of the three so I've been using it consistently for the last few months now.

While I do think it's the best of the bunch, I'm not sure how good it actually is - I like the exfoliating grains inside it more than anything else - so I wouldn't buy it again, although it's not a bad product and it's reasonably priced (especially if you can find it on special) so there's definitely a place for it. More on that below.

L'Oreal claims/product details:

  • Combines three pure clays with the cleansing properties of red algae extract to create a mask that exfoliates the skin and refines pores
  • Your skin is instantly softer and smoother, and its texture is refined
  • In seven days, pores are tightened and irregularities are reduced
  • Over time, your skin becomes smoother, visibly transformed, more radiant and beautiful
  • Kaolin: a pure clay highly concentrated with silicates, known to absorb impurities and excess oil to help purify delicate skin affected by daily pollutants
  • Montomorillonite: a pure clay rich in minerals, known to purify and re-balance the skin, reducing imperfections
  • Ghassoul: a pure clay able to absorb impurities and oils without causing irritation, leaving skin smooth, fresh and radiant
  • RRP $19.95 AUD for 50ml, but do shop around

That's what it looks like:


I think this product is ok and I don't mind using it, but it doesn't do a huge amount for my skin so I wouldn't repurchase it because I'm really picky with my face masks. Reason being, if I'm going to spend twenty minutes or more going through the face mask process, then I want to see big results. Otherwise it's just not worth it for me personally.

It's a red clay mask that smells earthy, although note that it does contain fragrance - which doesn't surprise me because the scent isn't quite natural and I can smell the perfume.

It applies and spreads well, and it contains little exfoliating grains that are nicely fine while still having enough grunt to actually do something, and there's also enough of them to have a good effect.

I've been using this mask twice a week for the past few months, and while I enjoy using it because it feels nice on the skin and it's not uncomfortable as it dries down (a huge plus for my dry skin), I'm not sure I can say that it's done much for me.

Indeed, the best thing about this product is the exfoliating grains, because they have a gentle resurfacing effect and they make my skin feel smoother and look brighter and fresher after use.

Note that I've tried it a few times without massaging the grains across my face (so instead just applying it very carefully and not using those for exfoliation), and what I've found is that it does nothing for me. Perhaps my face looks a little brighter after use, but the same thing can be achieved via my daily cleansing process so I'm not sure I can say that this mask is responsible for that.

Overall I think this is an ok product, but I think it's mainly ok because of the exfoliation it offers and not because the mask itself is doing anything. Still, it's had some amazing reviews (see eg beautyheaven) so it could just be that I'm super picky with my face masks, and in any event, it's not expensive so it's still worth trying if you can find it on special, as you usually can.


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