Pan that Palette 2018: August update


Hello and welcome to my Pan that Palette update for August!

It's been a reasonable panning month and I've made some good progress on all three of the items I'm currently panning, and I'm still hopeful that I can knock out quite a few more pans before the end of the year. We shall see.

Let's get down to business, starting with the item I introduced in July to replace the Hourglass blush trio I finished.

Here's how my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Vol 2 (Surreal Light) looked last month:

And here's how it's looking now:

As you can see, I've made some good progress on this over the past month. The pale blush (centre top) is moving quickly, although that's because I've been able to use it as an all-over finishing powder. Yes it works as a blush on me, but if I use just a light dusting, it works like an Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder would (ie, it blurs imperfections and offers a slight glow). I expect to finish this in September.

The bright blush I'm using not only as a blush, but I'm also adding some to the Laura Mercier highlighter I'm panning (which is too cool and frosty for me on its own). I also run a little over a finished eye look just to add that Hourglass soft-focus finish, and while I'm not sure I'll be able to finish the whole pan by Christmas, there's a reasonable amount gone already so I might be lucky.

As for the highlighter, you can see that I've kept working on the centre of the pan and there's a wider dip there now. I use this constantly on the eyes and also on the face (noting that I generally use the aforementioned Laura Mercier highlighter on the collarbones).

I reckon it's a line-ball call in terms of whether I can finish this by the end of the year. Fingers crossed!

Next up, my Burberry quad. I'm so over this thing, I can't tell you. Why? Because I only love one of the shadows in this palette (the dusty rose that I'm not panning) and also because the green is deceptive: it looks muddy grey on my skin.

There's how my palette looked last month:

And here's how it's looking now:

As you can see, I'm getting there with both the green and brown shades, which I'm using mixed as my brow colour, and I may well get there next month. 

I'm so close now that I might start double-purposing these shades in an attempt to finish them. Once I've done that, I'll be putting the dusty rose into my custom palette so I can call this quad empty.

I cannot tell you how much I'm looking forward to moving on from this thing!

Last up, my custom palette. As you may know, this product has seen a lot of change since I first started panning it, and while I've finished quite a few shadows now, the ones I have left are pretty slow going.

Here's how it looked last month:

And now:

As always, let's work in sections.

Left side, last month:

And now:

The big change here is that I've managed to hit the smallest amount of pan in Nars Orgasm, which happened because I reviewed the product this month and had to use a lot of powder to get my swatches to show up. 

My aim with this pan is to get through a good amount this year (I mainly use it as a 'play' shadow in the evenings before my shower because Nars powders tend to crinkle up my eyelids), and after that I'll put the remains into my franken-palette of popular shades for future comparison swatches - which will be the end of it thank golly. This blush just doesn't work for me unfortunately.

The other news in this section of the palette is that I've got a rather large dip in the cream Doucce shade, which I'm using every day as my base shadow and also around my nose and chin where I get oily. I've no doubt that I'll be able to finish it by Christmas.

There's no other news in this section of the palette, so let's look at the right upper side. 

As it was last month:

And now:

I've finally finished the pan that contained some of Nars Sin, and I've also expanded the pan in both sides of my Nars Isolde duo.

Again, I use these for playtime because they crinkle up my eyelids, but I've always done 'makeup playtime' in the evenings anyway before my shower - so it made sense for me to play around with some of the shadows in this palette that don't work for me. At least I'm getting some enjoyment from them now!

Lower right side, as it was last month:

And now:

Well, we're finally starting to see more movement in this side of the palette.

First, I finally finished Ardency Inn Disco and I've now hit pan in Heaven, the shade beside that one. You'll also notice a dent appearing in Sunday (the gold beside that), and I suspect that will be the next shade we see pan in.

There's also a dip opening up in the lavender shadow from Bleach London, and the brown Becca shade (top right) is finally showing some progress too.

In sum

Happily it's been a reasonable month for Pan that Palette and I'm happy with where things are at for now.

My big hope for September is to finish the two shades I'm panning from my Burberry quad so I can draw a line under that and move on, although we'll see how I go.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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