Project Pan 2018 mini update #22


Today I have a quick Project Pan mini update post for you, which I wanted to sneak in before my full July update.

As you can see above, I've finally finished my RCMA No Colour Powder (reviewed here). I do like this product but I realised a while ago that it doesn't blur the look of pores as much as I would like, so I probably wouldn't buy it again. Yes it's good, but I've found better.

There are my markers:

You can see that I managed to get through a fair amount reasonably quickly, although do note that I'd been using it for years before I introduced it to the challenge and I think the powder had 'puffed up' (rather than settled) so it looked more full than it actually was.

Also note that I've been dispensing it into another container as the months have passed because this container is rubbish, so there's still some product left in that container but I'm considering it done for the purposes of Project Pan.

As for my replacement, I've decided to hold off on choosing one for now because I would rather introduce it in July's full update.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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