Tarte CC Coloured Clay Undereye Corrector in Light-Medium - review and swatches


This product was on my list of potential purchases for ages before I bought it: I'd heard a lot of people say it was their favourite under-eye corrector so I knew I had to try it.

Mind you, it took me ages to get my hands on it because it was always out-of-stock at Sephora. It's available as I write this post, however, so if you've also been wanting to try it then you may be able to grab one now.

Long story short, it's good but I don't think it's as good as Becca's original corrector (I've reviewed that here). More on why below.

Not only this, but you do get significantly more product in the Becca one, plus you use less each time so it will last a lot longer - which of course makes it better value. By way of comparison, the Becca product lasts me two years of daily use (I know this because I've panned it), while I can't see this one lasting more than a year.

Plus the shelf-life of the Becca product is 24 months, while this one is only 12. So there's that.

Tarte claims/product details:

  • Create a flawless complexion with this revolutionary skin corrector
  • Naturally derived light-diffusing particles work to revitalise and brighten the delicate skin under the eyes
  • Colour-correcting coloured clay helps offset the look of dark circles and discolouration
  • This nutrient-rich formula hydrates, conditions and smooths skin - for an instantly bright-eyed, younger-looking complexion in universal shades
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Formulated without parabens or phthalates
  • RRP $37 AUD for 2.3g

The product is available in two shades (at least in Australia): Light-Medium and Medium-Tan. 

Light-Medium is a good match for my light/medium to medium, yellow-based skin, but I would like to see more shades available that would work for a broader range of people.

There's the pan in natural light:

And in direct sunlight:

Now for swatches.

Below I've done a thicker swatch (left) so you can see the colour better, and I've also done a thinner swatch over a black eyeliner so you can see that it does cover darkness reasonably well.

Indirect sunlight:


This is a good product. It works and you don't need a huge amount each time (although admittedly I need more of this than I do the Becca product), but at least the full-size should last me a year so I think it's a reasonable investment.

It's a creamy product that spreads and applies well. It also blends beautifully and it's one of those correctors where you could almost, almost just use this and forget about your concealer. While I personally prefer putting a concealer over the top to boost coverage and ensure the best colour match for my skin (this is quite peach), some skintones may be able to use this alone.

I use mine every day and I apply it with my finger (which is always my preferred method with cream or liquid products). I pat some under my eye and also on the sides of my nose next to my eyes, which are very dark. It covers those area well and while I can still see some darkness, this certainly does something towards managing it.

Then I apply concealer. Once my concealer is on, I can still see some darkness in those areas, but it's nowhere near as bad as it once was - so I do think the product performs a function and for this reason I recommend it. I'm certainly better off wearing this and concealer, rather than just concealer alone. Which is of course the whole point of a product like this.

Do note that I tried this alongside my aforementioned Becca corrector (linked above) when I still owned that, and for each of the three times I did this, I noticed something: 

When you just have the correctors on, the Tarte one looks like it covers more than the Becca one does. But when you add concealer (which is what most of us will do anyway), the Becca one covers more. I'm not sure why this is. Perhaps the Tarte one shifts and mixes with the concealer, reducing its efficacy, while the Becca one holds fast. Or perhaps the shine that's in the Becca one works best once you've placed your concealer over the top. Either that or the Becca one is more potent. Who knows.

Overall I think this is a good product and I recommend it, but I'll be sticking with my Becca corrector from now on.

Good but not the best.

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