Lux Magical Spell Body Wash - review


There was a time when I used to buy the Evenly Gorgeous version of this body wash a lot (I've reviewed it here) because I liked the texture of it, liked the way it foamed and also liked that it contained little exfoliating beads. 

I remember posting on it once in a beauty group and someone mentioned that the Magical Spell version was their favourite scent so that's been in the back of my mind and I knew I would try it one day. And when Priceline was selling Lux at half-price earlier this year, that day had finally arrived.

The thing is, though, it's not the formula I remember. 

Part of the reason for this is that the exfoliating beads are no longer in it. I can only imagine this is because those beads were in fact micro beads (which are damaging to the environment), so I'm pleased they've taken those out - but what's left is a formula that doesn't feel the same as it once did, and I'm not entirely sure that the beads alone have made the difference.

Perhaps Lux reformulated it when they removed the beads. Either that or my skin is more prone to dryness than it used to be. Who knows.

Lux claims/product details:

  • Indulge in the exquisite, long-lasting scent of LUX® Magical Spell
  • With mesmerising rare black orchids, bewitch others around you with a body wash and a fine fragrance that leaves your skin perfumed for up to 8 hours after your shower
  • The fragrance is inspired by exotic blossoms at the peak of their bloom
  • Expertly crafted with fragrance pearls of black orchid and juniper oil
  • The fragrance is composed by the world's best perfume experts
  • Moisture enriched elements leave skin feeling smooth and soft
  • RRP $5.99 AUD for 400ml, but do shop around


I won't bang on too much about this product because there's not a hell of a lot to say about a body wash.

It's a purple-coloured gel wash with a strong fragrance that's quite sweet and heady, and it's not my kind of scent so I wouldn't buy it again for that reason alone.

Worth noting is that the scent does linger on the skin, and while that will be a positive for some, with this particular fragrance it's a negative for me. Sometimes smells can give me a headache and this is one of those, so I make sure that I don't smell the bottle or my skin too much.

It lathers well and it cleans well, but for me it cleans too well and it's far too astringent. Indeed, I wasn't surprised to see Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) as the second listed ingredient. Now apparently SLES is slightly less irritating to skin than Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), but given how stripped my skin feels after using this, I wouldn't say that this is necessarily the case for everyone (because everyone's skin reacts differently to different things).

After use my skin always feels very clean and it smells fragranced, but it's very dry too. This may be the reason why my body has felt a lot more dry lately. To start with I thought it was the fact that we are away and out in the sun a lot (and it's hot, which always makes my skin dehydrated), but I now think that this body wash is the culprit.

While I've been using it for months now, at home I don't use it every day and instead alternate between three different products - but it's the only body wash I've brought away with me so I've been using it exclusively for over a week now, which would explain why my body skin feels so parched.

Overall I don't love this product: I don't like the smell and it's too astringent for me personally. Sure it's effective and cheap, but my skin doesn't like it so there's that.

Not for me.

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