Hair Nutrition Tamanu Oil Serum - review


This hair oil was one of the items I picked when Priceline had one of its Pink Diamond rewards offers. At the time I had far too much makeup and skincare so both the rewards I chose were in the haircare category, and unfortunately I haven't liked either of them.

This one's currently on my Project Pan list and it's almost finished so I'd better review it before it's gone. Although it's only been on my PP list for a month, I've managed to tear through it because I brought it away to Noosa and I've been using it daily to protect mine and the kids' hair before we go swimming.

Worth noting now is that I've learned over the years that my hair is temperamental and not many leave-in treatments do much for me. Most of them weigh my hair down and reduce the time between washes, without adding any benefits that might encourage me to use them. This one's the same.

I'm telling you this because it may be that some of these products work well for others, it's just that my hair isn't easy to please. So of course it's worth checking different reviews to get a more balanced idea of what people think.

Hair Nutrition claims/product details:

  • A solution that repairs and protects hair from UV damage and chemical damage
  • Keeps hair soft and hydrated
  • Thickens damaged hair
  • Adds nutrition, moisture and shine 
  • Contains tamanu, geranium and rosemary oils
  • To use: shake well and apply to clean wet hair after shampooing; spray evenly over the entire head; comb through to distribute (do not rinse); apply lightly to dry hair for added smoothness and shine
  • RRP $14.99 AUD for 100ml, but do shop around


This doesn't work for me at all so I can't recommend it and I'll be glad to get through it.

It's a thin, oily product that comes in a spray bottle and it has a light, herbal scent (I can smell the rosemary). You're meant to apply this to wet hair and comb it through, but you can also apply some to dry hair if you want to.

I've tried this on wet hair and dry hair, and I've also tried it as a pre-shampoo treatment. It doesn't work well for me, no matter what I do.

On me, it weighs down my hair and also dulls it so it looks dirty. It also adds that 'grippy' feel to my hair, which tells me that the product is sitting on top of my locks - rather than sinking in and adding much-needed moisture to my dry hair.

Every time I use this, I regret it. All it does is reduce the time between washes, and while it helps manage frizz briefly while it's wet, once it's dried down that small benefit vanishes and my hair is as crazy as it was before.

I also don't feel that it adds any moisture because my hair doesn't feel more hydrated after I've used it (it just feels dirty and sticky), and it doesn't help with detangling either. Plus it doesn't add shine - if anything, it reduces shine - so it's safe to say that this doesn't work for me at all.

In sum, I don't like this product and I don't think it meets any of its claims (perhaps it does help with UV and chemical damage: it's hard to judge such things) so I can't recommend it. 

Do let me know in the comments if you've tried this and have any thoughts - I'll be interested to know if it's worked for anyone else.


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