Korres Black Pine 3D Sculpting, Firming and Lifting Night Cream - review


You may remember that I recently reviewed two Korres cleansers, being the Korres Olympus Tea Cleansing Foaming Cream (reviewed here) and the Korres Olympus Tea 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion (reviewed here).

I didn't love either of them unfortunately but I'm pleased to report that this night cream is a different story. I really like it, so much so that I would buy it. More on that below.

Do note that I didn't buy this product: it came in our last Mecca Beauty Loop Box, and I'm glad I got the box I did because I might never have tried it otherwise.

Also worth noting is that this cream is significantly more expensive than most of the Korres products I've tried (and also the ones I've traditionally seen on Mecca's website, although some of the newer products are more expensive like this one is).

It retails for $86 AUD for 40ml, and most of the creams I buy these days tend to be 50ml in size so it's also a bit smaller than usual.

Korres claims/product details:

  • An advanced rich night cream with re-contouring, firming and lifting actions for 3D facial sculpting
  • Boosted with our breakthrough skin remodeling complex (ElastiLift-3D™) and black pine polyphenols, it helps promote skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve facial architecture
  • An anti-ageing night cream, formulated with a proprietary blend of natural yet active patented ingredients to leave your skin feeling firm, bright and hydrated
  • Black pine activates as you sleep, working to firm, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and brighten the complexion
  • In a recent study, 100% of women agreed they would replace their current night cream with this one
  • To use: apply to clean, dry skin before bed
  • RRP $86 AUD for 40ml


I'm loving this night cream and I do plan to buy the full size once my skincare no buy lifts in June.

It's a white cream with a sweet, fresh and slightly mealy scent. While the scent is definitely there, it's not overpowering so it doesn't bother me - but do note that others have said they don't like it (see eg the reviews on Mecca's website, where a lot of people complain about the scent).

It's thinner than I'd expected (I'm used to my night creams being on the thick side) and a little goes a long way so I've learned to use less per application than I might another night cream. For this reason I'm not too grumpy that the full size is 40ml instead of the standard 50ml, purely because I won't get through it as fast as I would with other creams anyway.

I've been using my cream every night for around six weeks, with a two-week break at the one-month mark while I tested something else and gave this cream a rest to see how my skin reacted to stopping and starting it. It reacted well to being reintroduced and I was pleased to bring it back into rotation.

Now let's look at the claims and ignore the huff-and-puff about facial 're-contouring', improving 'facial architecture' and '3D facial sculpting' (I mean really). 

What I do think it does, however, is firm and lift the skin after I've applied it, so my face does feel more toned after application and it stays that way until I cleanse my face in the morning. Which of course makes me wonder if I should be using this as my day cream, too.

I did try it this morning before writing this review and it's a great product to apply as a primer because I also think it has an effect on the look of my skin: my fine lines don't look quite so pronounced after I've used it, and it also has a tacky finish so my other products will adhere to this well.

I also agree that it leaves my skin looking brighter and feeling more hydrated. Do note, though, that this isn't the most hydrating night cream I've used, so if my skin is having an extra dry day, then I need to go in with an oil over the top. On most nights, though, this is all my dry skin needs.

Overall I think this is a great little cream and I do intend to buy the full size. It generally meets its claims (minus that rubbish about facial architecture, re-contouring and 3D facial sculpting), and I have to put my hand up and agree that I'm one of those women who would replace their current night cream with this one, as the study in the claims suggests.

A fantastic product. That's why I've given it an HG tag.

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