NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Castle - review and swatches


This lipstick has been on my Project Pan list for a while, and I might have finished it by now except that I've been slow to review it - so finally I'm sitting down today to write that review and afterwards I should be able to get through it within a week.

I bought this lipstick with a Priceline voucher. From memory I had about seven dollars to spend and I wanted to buy a flattering lavender lipstick, and since I couldn't find one of those, I went with this cool purple NYX lipstick in Castle because it was close to what I wanted and I knew I could use it for mixing.

This is the kind of shade that won't flatter many people: it's too cool and grey-based so it gives me that dead look, but at least I can use it mixed with a pink shade to get the lavender colour I was after.

I wouldn't buy it again, though, because I'm not a huge fan of the formula. Sure it's not terrible, but this shade has a tendency to emphasise lip lines so it's not flattering on me personally. It may well be fine if you're younger than I am and if lip texture isn't an issue for you, but I would steer clear of this if you're concerned about lip lines. More on that below.

NYX claims/product details:

  • Our classic lipstick for all occasions
  • The mineral-based, emollient formula offers a beautiful velvet texture and saturated colour 
  • Resists wear and smudging
  • Available in 32 shades (in Australia)
  • RRP $8.95 AUD for 4g, but do shop around

'Castle' is described as a 'shimmery soft plum', and I don't think that's accurate. To me, a plum is warmer in tone: this one's cool and dead-looking (at least on me), and it has more of a grey/blue undertone.

It is shimmery, though - which would be fine if it had a plumping effect, but since it doesn't, all the shimmer serves to do is emphasise lip texture even more.

There's the bullet in weak sunlight:

And in strong sunlight:

Heavy and light swatches, direct sunlight:

And in natural light:

My bare lips for reference:


Wearing the product, indirect sunlight:

Natural light (outdoors): 


Natural light (indoors):


This product is ok but I wouldn't rush out and buy another one, and I've found other lipsticks in the pharmacy/drugstore that I've liked a lot better than this. (For reference, Maybelline's lipsticks are my personal favourites: I've reviewed one here.)

I like that it doesn't have a scent so it should suit those who don't like fragrance in their lip products. I also like that it glides on very smoothly without tugging and it's super lightweight so I'm not aware of it when I'm wearing it, although it does feel a touch grainy when I press my lips together due to the shimmer it contains.

The texture is creamy and emollient, so it suits my dry lips well. Indeed, it's hydrating enough on me that I can rely on it for hydration without needing to use a balm underneath - and I can't say this for all lipsticks so that's a plus.

What I don't like about it is that it emphasises lip texture something chronic. You can see that in the photos above. Yes the shimmer doesn't help the situation, but I think the formula itself is also to blame. Plus the product settles into lip lines within a few minutes of application. Not ideal.

This lipstick doesn't wear very well either. One sip of my coffee and any product on the inside of my lips has lifted right off, so I've still got lipstick around the edges of my mouth but not in the centre. Blurgh.

Overall this isn't an awful product and I have found some use for it, but it's not great and I don't personally recommend it.

Not for me.

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